Cover of My Little Pony: The Crystal Empire

The celebrated animated series comes to book shelves! Revisit the inhabitants of Equestria and learn about the magic that friendship brings in this adaptation of the television series. When the Crystal Empire returns after a thousand years of darkness, Princess Celestia knows there's only one pony who can help–Twilight Sparkle! But it'll take a little magic and a lot of help to ensure that Twilight saves the empire... and passes her test! This volume adapts the Season Two finale-event "The Cr...

Cover of My Little Pony: Twilight's Kingdom

Adapting the most beloved My Little Pony animated cartoon episodes to graphic novels! Equestria in danger! When an ancient force turns up in Equestria stealing magic from ponies, even Princesses Celestia, Luna, and Cadence are at a loss. It's up to Twilight and her friends to restore peace and order to the kingdom! This volume adapts the episodes "Twilight's Kingdom!" parts 1 & 2.