Book 12

Earth, the late 22nd century. Following the atomic war of 2150, Britain has been devastated by nuclear holocaust. The survivors rebuilt their lives, but many were warped by the mutating effects of Strontium 90 fallout. Unable to live or work amongst the 'norms', these mutants were forced to grow up in ghettos and take the only job open to them - bounty hunting. These Search/Destroy Agents hunt the criminals too dangerous for the Galactic Crime Commission. One such Strontium Dog is Johnny Alpha, whose eyes emit piercing Alpha rays and enable him to see through solid objects - and into men's minds. Now in this first volume collecting together all the Strontium Dog adventures from the beginning you can join Johnny, his norm Viking partner Wulf Sternhammer and alien medic The Gronk as they fight their way through a universe of violence and prejudice!

Judge Anderson

by Alan Grant

Published October 1987
In Mega-City One, some cases - and some criminals - are too bizarre for even the feared Judges (including Dredd!) to crack. That's when they call for Psi Division, the elite psychic department of the Judiciary - and Psi's top judge, Cassandra Anderson! In "Hour of the Wolf", when Anderson starts getting psychic 'flashes' of a wolf stalking Mega-City One, she can't quite identify why they're so alarming - until an assassin almost kills her! Soon she finds herself caught in a race against time to stop an old, terrible threat to the city from resurfacing! And in "Helios", Anderson must face another Psi - with the power to drive ordinary citizens into a psychotic, murderous fury!