Digging for Bird-Dinosaurs

by Nic Bishop

Published 1 January 1950

Tarantula Scientist

by Sy Montgomery

Published 23 March 2004

Quest for the Tree Kangaroo

by Sy Montgomery

Published 1 October 2006
It looks like a bear, but isn't one. It climbs trees as easily as a monkey- but isn't a monkey, either. It has a belly pocket like a kangaroo, but what's a kangaroo doing up a tree? Meet the amazing Matschie's tree kangaroo, who makes its home in the ancient trees of Papua New Guinea's cloud forest. And meet the amazing scientists who track these elusive animals.

Snake Scientist

by Sy Montgomery

Published 26 March 1999
Discusses the work of Bob Mason and his efforts to study and protect snakes, particularly red-sided garter snakes.

Chasing Cheetahs

by Sy Montgomery

Published 28 October 2014
Since 1900, the number of cheetahs has plummeted from more than 100,000 to fewer than 10,000. At the Cheetah Conservation Fund's (CCF) African headquarters in Namibia, Laurie Marker and her team work to save these stunning creatures from extinction. They've rescued more than 900 cheetahs, most of whom have been returned to the wild. Sy Montgomery and Nic Bishop join CCF to study the cheetah's ecological, genetic, and behavioral patterns in order to save the fastest animal on land-before it is too late.

School Library Journal Best Book of 2009A NSTA/CBS Outstanding Science Trade Book for 20102009 Booklists's editors' list of the Top 10 Environmental Titles for Youth With a dazzling as-it-happens narrative and spectacular photographs, readers, young and old, will be fascinated as they discover why these mysterious cats are called ghosts of the mountain. Readers will also be stunned by how much perseverance it takes to research and protect this endangered, little-understood species.

Author Sy Montgomery and underwater photographer Keith Ellenbogen follow the trail of the Great White shark with the help of the marine biologist Gregory Skomal.

Condor Comeback

by Sy Montgomery

Published 28 July 2020

The Hyena Scientist

by Sy Montgomery and Nic Bishop

Published 15 May 2018
"Travel to the African bush with Sibert medal winning team Sy Montgomery and Nic Bishop in this myth-busting new addition to the Scientists in the Field series as they join the internationally acclaimed woman researcher conducting one of the longest and most important studies of African mammals in the history of science."--

The Tapir Scientist

by Sy Montgomery and Nic Bishop

Published 23 July 2013

Amazon Adventure

by Sy Montgomery

Published 4 July 2017

Kakapo Rescue

by Sy Montgomery

Published 24 May 2010