Book 1

The Mermaid Chronicles

by Marisa Noelle

Published 22 June 2020

Book 2

Quest for Atlantis

by Marisa Noelle

Published 29 September 2022


They are no longer safe in the human world.

When one of their closest mermaid friends is imprisoned in a science lab, Cordelia and Wade insist on taking up the quest to find the lost island of Atlantis, a sanctuary for all the water species. But the island is guarded by the dragon kings, an ancient and formidable race who are determined to keep it for themselves.

Cordelia and friends must travel to distant pockets of the earth to collect the magical jewels that open the portal to Atlantis. But no one remembers how the jewels work, instructions are non-existent, and tensions are rife as Wade's ex-girlfriend appears on the scene.

Cordelia's heart breaks as she watches the love of her life waver. If they can't repair their broken relationship and defeat the dragon kings, the mermaids will be captured by the humans and face the threat of extinction.