Twin Surprises

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Published 1 September 1991
Relates Betsy's humorous efforts to keep a surprise birthday party for her twin sister a secret.

The Riddle Streak

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Published 1 December 1993
Since her older brother always wins at ping pong, checkers, and everything else, Amy decides to learn riddles in hope of finding some way she can beat him.

Twin Troubles

by Beth Pfeffer and Susan Beth Pfeffer

Published 1 September 1992
Eight-year-old Crista has the worst week of her life, experiencing bad times at school and at home, but when her twin sister Betsy tries to sympathize by sharing her bad times it causes a fight.

Sara Kate is disappointed that her super powers aren't more heroic, until she uses her x-ray vision to make the school bully leave her alone.

Sara Kate, Superkid

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Published 15 October 1994
Sara Kate is a normal eight-year-old until one day she discovers she has superpowers and can throw a basketball farther than anyone on earth.

Katie really wants to be the star of her third-grade class, but the noisy, mean atmosphere of her class makes it hard to decide how to use the three wishes given to her by an old magic lamp.