Book 6

Cover of Trolls Graphic Novels #4

Trolls Graphic Novels #4 by Dave Scheidt

Published 12 December 2017

More fun adventures with the characters from the new DreamWorks hit animated movie. The first of several all-new stories featuring characters from the hit DreamWorks film finds Poppy feeling like all the bugs in town aren't given the love they deserve. She enlists the Trolls to write them love notes and make them special treats, but soon discover they don't have enough for every bug in the woods! Whatever are they going to do?!

Cover of Trolls Graphic Novels #2: "Put Your Hair in the Air"

The Trolls go on a road trip. But will the Snack Pack find treasure or trouble? All-new stories based on the hit DreamWorks animated film. The Snack Pack is back! This all-new adventure takes hug time on the road, as the Troll friends head out in search of a rumored lost Troll treasure. Of course, they have plenty of time for hugs, snacks, and lots of scrapbooking along the way...if they can avoid the dangers that live out in the woods around Troll Town. At Poppy's urging, Branch goes along to a...

Cover of Trolls #1: Hugs & Friends

Who are the Trolls? Who are the Bergens? Why is there one Troll who isn't happy like all the other Trolls? And why does this Troll know more about the Bergens than any other Troll? Find out more about Poppy and Branch in this all-new collection of stories that take place before the Trolls motion picture. Warning: You may never look at a cupcake the same way after you see this graphic novel.

Cover of Trolls Graphic Novels #3 "Party with the Bergens"

Your favorite characters from DreamWorks hit movie TROLLS return in all-new adventures! Welcome back to the world of the TROLLS! Everyone's favorite follically challenged friends appear in all-new adventures continuing the story of the hit film. Will Poppy and the snack pack continue to look on the bright side of things? Can they keep getting Branch to sing and dance? Will they all stay out of the Bergens' clutches? And will Fuzzbert ever get a haircut? You'll have to keep reading to find out!