Plodney Creeper Supersloth

by Jane Clarke

Published 1 September 2001
Plodney isn't slow like the other sloths and Mum is worried. She wishes Plodney could be more like his friend Layzee. Layzee is the slowest sloth in school! Plodney is early for school every day. While the other sloths are perfecting their Sleeping and Hanging Around, Plodney is fidgeting and fumbling. One day while the sloths are sleeping, their branch is struck by lightning. Plodney wakes his teachers and classmates and urges them to swing to the next tree for safety. But, before they can escape, Layzee and Plodney are plunged to the forest floor. Too weak to move, Layzee is pounced on by a hungry jaguar. Just in time, Plodney drags her up a tree to safety. Plodney returns to a hero's welcome and a very special hug from Mum.