Book 1

Cover of Bright Wicked

Bright Wicked by Everly Frost

Published 10 April 2020

One land divided into light and dark.Two champions sworn to destroy each other.Three days to break the spell... or die.When fae rule the world, bright creatures roam the Earth.Aura Lucidia is the brightest of the fae. The only fae who controls starlight, she is the Bright Queen's champion.But the Fell creatures who live in the shadows are rising up.Nathaniel Shield is the fiercest of the dark ones. As the Fell King's champion, he will risk everything to steal back the light that was stolen from...

Book 2

Cover of Radiant Fierce

Radiant Fierce by Everly Frost

Published 10 July 2020

One lie. Two traitors. Three chances to survive. When Aura Lucidia unwittingly invoked the Law of Champions, she bound herself to the fate of her fiercest enemy-the human warrior, Nathaniel Shield. Now she will be forced to fight him to the death at the end of the third day. Aura becomes a traitor to her people when she chooses to save Nathaniel's life in a battle that reveals her real enemies and the truth about her past. With the foundations of her life destroyed, she has no choice but to...

Book 3

Cover of Infernal Dark

Infernal Dark by Everly Frost

Published 21 August 2020

One death. Two broken hearts. Three fates hang in the balance. When Nathaniel Shield chose to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect Aura Lucidia, neither of them could have predicted the truth and lies that their heartbreak would reveal. Now, faced with the knowledge of her real power, Aura must fight for her life against her deceptive Queen, the vicious Fell King, the vengeful humans, and even her own people. But there's far more at stake than her life. No matter how much they fear her, t...