Book 1

Cover of Countdown

Countdown by Carol Fiore

Published 24 May 2018

The natural world is dying, and the animals of Earth know who to blame. Humans.Eighteen-year-old Skye Van Bloem agrees, but she feels helpless to stop the biodiversity loss.Then, an alien known as a Beholder tells her the animals are deciding on the fate of humanity and that she is the only one who can persuade them to vote against the release of a lethal virus. He gifts her with the ability to understand them.Embarking on a journey across three continents with her two best friends, Skye discove...

Book 2

Cover of Holding

Holding by Carol Fiore

Published 28 February 2020

The Beholders came with a lethal virus.Skye Van Bloem and her best friends stopped them, temporarily, but at a devastating cost. Her family—and the very way she sees herself—is shattered in the aftermath, her friends are in danger, and Starion, the Beholder prince she has come to care for, has been forced to make a crippling bargain with his cruel father.Skye is determined to fight through her grief and save Starion, but she has to find him first. Aided by a band of insurrectionists she’s not su...

Book 3

Cover of Launch

Launch by Carol Fiore

Published 7 November 2020

In every revolution there are heroes and there are casualties.Skye Van Bloem is in an impossible situation. The depraved Beholder king has her friends and a lethal virus. He’ll exchange them for Starion—the man she loves.But things are about to get even worse.While the Beholder and Vanger people rise up in war and protest, General Tane and his Falco Eskadron forces prepare to embark on a dangerous mission. The cost for failure? Another climate apocalypse and the destruction of three planets.