Book 2

Technical Foul

by Rich Wallace

Published 23 September 2004
Jared, a high-scoring member of the Hudson City Middle School basketball team, gets angry when the point guard accuses him of being responsible for their string of losses, but finally realizes they can win only if he becomes a team player.

Book 3

Fast Company

by Rich Wallace

Published 3 February 2005
When sixth-grader Manny Ramos, one of the fastest runners on the youth football team, joins the new track club, he hopes that his light weight will be a benefit in racing against more experienced guys.

Book 4

Double Fake

by Rich Wallace

Published 1 March 2006

Book 5

Emergency Quarterback

by Rich Wallace

Published 22 September 2005
When the Hornets lose their quarterback for the season and the replacement lacks the talent to take charge, the coach picks a solid receiver as emergency quarterback.

Book 6


by Rich Wallace

Published 2 March 2006

Book 7

Dunk Under Pressure

by Rich Wallace

Published 4 May 2006
Free throw specialist Cornell "Dunk" Duncan joins the YMCA summer basketball league all-star team, but after losing his confidence in an important game the seventh-grader makes some decisions about becoming an all-around player.

Book 8


by Rich Wallace

Published 21 September 2006

Book 9


by Rich Wallace

Published 15 March 2007

Book 10

Second-String Center

by Rich Wallace

Published 30 September 2007

The Roar of the Crowd

by Rich Wallace

Published 23 September 2004
After years of playing nothing but soccer in Hudson City, New Jersey, Manny has to work very hard to play on the middle school football team, using determination, speed, and smarts to make up for being small and inexperienced.