Arcimboldo's Portraits

by Claude Delafosse

Published 1 January 2000

Guiseppe Arcimboldo creates highly original portraits by placing objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, leaves, fish, and shells next to one another to form faces. Using a magic flashlight made of card, you can explore the dark transparent page of the book and focus in on hidden surprises.

Paris by Night

by Claude Delafosse

Published 8 March 2018

Discover the spectacular views and the finest historical and modern buildings of the capital of France on an imaginary tour of one of the world's most beautiful cities. Using a magic flashlight made of card, you can explore the dark transparent page of the book and focus in on hidden surprises.

Egyptian Tombs

by Claude Delafosse

Published 22 September 2014

Light up the past as you enter an Egyptian tomb. Who is inside the sarcophagus? What do the strange hieroglyphics mean? How did the Egyptians preserve dead bodies?

Learn about the life in castles. Find out how difficult it is to get past its strong walls. Discover what it is like to be under attack.

In the Jungle

by Claude Delafosse and Christian Broutin

Published 5 March 2013

In the middle of the dense jungle, you can discover countless animals and amazing plants. Your magic torch lets you see all the beautiful hidden details in the dark tropical forest.

Inside the Body

by Claude Delafosse

Published 18 April 2012

You can’t look inside your body, but there is a lot going on in there. Using a press-out flashlight made of card, you can explore the darkened transparent pages of this book. As you move it around you'll soon discover all the details hidden in each picture. You'll see through your body and discover what happens inside. Learn about our five senses. Watch a baby grow inside its mother. Find out what happens to the food we eat. Explore your body through X-rays and under the microscope.

Animals at Night

by Claude Delafosse and Heliadore

Published 5 March 2013

While we sleep nocturnal animals are out and about. In this book you can see what they get up to!
See owls hunt and cats prowl. Discover what mice and hedgehogs do in the dead of night.
Find out how bats find their way in the dark and watch months fly and feed at night.

In the Sky

by Claude Delafosse and Donald Grant

Published 5 March 2013

Discover the planets and stars of our solar system.

Find out what lies beyond our own galaxy.

Look at all the different flying machines that fill the skies.

Learn about the satellites that have been sent into space.

Animals Underground

by Claude Delafosse

Published 18 April 2012

Meet the animals who live in darkness underground, safe from other animals who want to eat them.


by Claude Delafosse

Published 18 April 2012

It’s as dark as night inside a beehive, an anthill or a termite mound. You can’t usually see what’s going on in there. But in this book you can use a press-out paper flashlight to look at insects inside their homes as if you’d been invited in. As you move the flashlight around, you’ll soon discover all the details hidden in each darkened picture. Find out which jobs the queen, worker and male ants do. Watch a bee develop from egg to larva to pupa to adult. Learn how bees organize their lives and see the beekeeper at work.

What Animals Eat

by Sylvaine Peyrols and Claude Delafosse

Published 27 September 2017

"All living things depend on each other for their food and habitat. In this book children will be able to observe and learn about all the food chains that link living things in an ecosystem.

Each double spread explores a different ecosystem: the kitchen garden, woodland, seashore, savannah, jungle, polar, and marine systems. On the left-hand page, colour-coded diagrams and arrows show the different food chains that exist

within each ecosystem.

On the right-hand page captivating full-page lifelike illustrations show the ecosystems in all their detail.

Readers use a “magic flashlight” (in the form of a piece of card) to “light up” and explore these darkened transparent pages, enabling them to focus on one detail at a time."