Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

The Cindy Chronicles

by Rashelle Workman

Published 26 November 2013

Book 4

Book 8

Blood and Snow, Book 8

by Rashelle Workman

Published 9 September 2015

By day's end on her eighteenth birthday, she will be stabbed through the heart and die. Cursed as a baby by a malevolent sorceress, Asha is left without the protection of her fairy magic. Her parents, fearing for their daughter's safety, enlist the help of their three most trusted guards--alchemist fairies who whisk Asha into the human world under a blanket of magic. For nearly eighteen years Asha has lived as a normal human, but one kiss will change everything she thought she knew about her life and the world. A KISS AWAKENS THE CURSE...

Book 13

Blood and Snow 13

by Rashelle Workman

Published 27 June 2017

Books 1-4

Blood and Snow Volumes 1-4

by Rashelle Workman

Published 11 September 2012