by Pierre-Marie Valat and Donald Grant

Published 1 January 1995
Combine stunning, photo-realistic artwork with easy-to-understand captions and you grab the attention of young children. Add interactive lift-up flaps or die-cut windows, and you capture their imaginations as well. Created by the acclaimed Gallimard Jeunesse design and editorial team, these high-quality board books enable toddlers to take an active role in learning about the primary concepts of colors, numbers, shapes, and the weather. With this ingenious format, children as young as two years old can "look inside" -- and enter a whole new world of First Discovery.

The Butterfly

by Claude Delafosse

Published 1 January 1996

Share the amazing life of the butterfly from caterpillar to chrysalis to the most beautiful of insects.


by Donald Grant and Claude Delafosse

Published 1 January 1994
Find the baby penguin, see chameleons change color, watch caterpillars turn into butterflies - a counting book full of wit and surprises.

The Internet

by Donald Grant

Published 1 January 2000

The Desert, The

by Donald Grant

Published 1 January 2001
See how the heat, the cold, and the wind shape the landscape. Discover how people, plants, and animals survive in these desolate regions of the earth.


by Donald Grant

Published 1 January 1992
Go into the cockpit of an airliner as it cruises above the clouds, ride in helicopters, hot-air balloons, hang-gliders, and float down to earth with your parachute.