Book 1

Cover of Negima!? Neo, Volume 1

"Negi Springfield is ten yoear old...and a powerful wizard! The boy wizard is the greatest prodigy ever to graduate from his magic school in England. After graduation, however, Negi's given an unusual assignment: teach English at an all-girl school in Japan. Now Negi has to find a way to deal with his thirty-one totally gorgeous--and completely overaffectionate--students...without using magic!"--p. 4 Cover.

Book 2

Book 3

Cover of Negima!? Neo, Volume 3

Negima!? Neo, Volume 3 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 29 September 2009

Book 4

Cover of Negima!? Neo, Volume 4

Negima!? Neo, Volume 4 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 29 December 2009

Book 5

Book 6

Book 7

Cover of Negima!? Neo 7

Negima!? Neo 7 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 14 June 2011

The time to reveal one's true feelings is upon Asuna and Negi. But when Prince Charming himself appears by the name of one Fate Fidius Averruncus, whose happy ending will prevail? Will Asuna break with Negi forever, or will Negi turn out to be her white knight after all? Find out in the gripping final volume of Negima!? Neo!