Book 1787

Love Lessons

by Gina Wilkins

Published 26 September 2006


by Professor Catherine Travis

1. Stop spending every waking moment at my lab.

2. Quit finding excuses for my maintenance man to come fix things. (Mike Clancy is young, gorgeous and way out of my league.)

3. Splurge on a new wardrobe. Lab coats aren' t very sexy.

4. Help Mike with his night school classes, and ignore what my friends imply about us. (He may have dropped out of college once, but there' s definitely more to him than his easygoing personality and incredible body.)

5. Do things that scare me. Live a little!

6. Tutor Mike without falling head over heels for him. (Am I fooling myself? Is this even possible?)

Book 1799

The Date Next Door

by Gina Wilkins

Published 21 November 2006

Attending her neighbor's high school reunion wasn't exactly Nicole Sawyer's idea of a good time.

But widower Joel Brannon had asked her along to help fend off his classmates' prying questions, and she couldn't seem to refuse him anything. Except after a few slow dances-not to mention moonlight kisses-Nic wanted more than a stolen weekend with a man she knew wasn't ready for a relationship... Or was he?

Joel had loved and lost, but he wasn't quite ready to give up on the possibility that he'd find love again. Because the walls time had built around his broken heart came dangerously close to collapsing whenever Nic was near...

Book 1809

The Bridesmaid's Gifts

by Gina Wilkins

Published 30 January 2007
Cynical Ethan doesn't believe in Aislinn's "gifts", and the psychic vows to ignore him. When she starts receiving "feelings" about his lost-lost brother, she decides to reunite them.

Book 1892

Finding Family

by Gina Wilkins

Published 25 March 2008

Making a family of their own

The only sane person among her crazy relatives and friends, Rachel Madison was calm, comforting...and needed someone to care for her. Her interior design work was her refuge and she never mixed business with pleasure. Until her latest client, Dr Mark Thomas, a sexy, solitary man, tempted her. A knock on Mark's door introduced him to a brother - and a family - he'd known nothing about.

Suddenly his world was out of kilter and only Rachel could ease his confusion. But dare she risk involvement with a man who didn't know his past...and who wondered about his future?

Book 1905

The Man Next Door

by Gina Wilkins

Published 27 May 2008

Just when she'd sworn off exciting men!

Pampered princess Dani Madison was determined to make a fresh start and to be independent. Too bad Teague McCauley lived down the hall...

After the enigmatic FBI agent was injured during an arrest gone wrong, the last thing Teague expected was that Dani would nurse him back to health. But something about his beautiful but distant neighbour encouraged feelings he could swear were long gone. Could they turn into love?

Book 1954

Texan's Tennessee Romance

by Gina Wilkins

Published 1 January 2009
After being falsely accused of breaking her sacred lawyer-client vow, Natalie Lofton's main priority was clearing her name and getting her life back. That didn't include taking in an irresistable mutt. Or falling for the sexy handyman who'd come to fix a leaky pipe in her secluded Tennessee cabin.

Book 2027

Private Partners

by Gina Wilkins

Published 1 January 2010
No one knew about the secret vows Anne Easton had exchanged with Liam McCright one blissfully romantic weekend. Their hectic careers as a second-year med student and world-traveling journalist had forced them to live separate lives. But now her tall, dark and irresistible husband had just shown up at Anne's front door. And this time Liam wasn't planning to leave....Liam kept up the fiction of a footloose bachelor only for Anne's sake. The truth was he adored his wife and no longer wanted to keep their marriage under wraps. Could he convince the wedding-wary doctor-in-training to write them a private prescription...for a lifetime of love and happiness?

Book 2057

Doctor's Undoing

by Gina Wilkins

Published 1 January 2010

When the going gets tough, third-year medical student Ron Gibson walks away.

Yet when it comes to sexy colleague Haley Wright, Ron knows they are meant to be much more than friends. For the first time, he wants to be the man she deserves. But with their friendship at risk, the stakes couldn't be higher!

Book 2069

Prognosis: Romance

by Gina Wilkins

Published 1 January 2010

Fourth-year medical student James Stillman knew firsthand that life was lonely at the top. His privileged, isolated upbringing left him unable to build lasting relationships-professional or personal. Until he met a sexy, independent redhead who brought him back down to earth!

Just when children's-party planner Shannon Gambill got her life in order, a handsome stranger strode into it and stirred something that could lead only to chaos. How could she possibly resist the gifted doctor who had saved her nephew's life... and set her heart ablaze with one smoldering look? A take-charge, dominating man was the last thing she wanted. Yet the considerate, passionate man lurking beneath James's hard exterior might be just what she needed....

Book 2092

The M.D. Next Door

by Gina Wilkins

Published 28 December 2010

Just What The Doctor Ordered

It started with a yellow puppy scampering into Dr Meagan Baker's backyard...followed by her adorable new neighbour, a thirteen-year-old full of information about her attractive divorced dad, Seth Llewellyn. Oh, no. On medical leave and questioning everything, Meagan can't fall for a busy lawyer juggling work, single parenthood and a naughty dog.

After his divorce, Seth promised himself he'd put his daughter first. Adding a relationship to his over-scheduled life would be crazy. So he agrees with Meagan - between hour-long kisses - that this chemistry, this closeness, can't go anywhere. But a medical crisis might make them realise what matters most...