Book 3078

The Man Behind the Scars

by Caitlin Crews

Published 1 January 2012

Rafe McFarland, eighth Earl of Pembroke--and twenty-first-century heartthrob--has secretly wed former model and tabloid darling Angel Tilson! Angel has long been believed to be in financial difficulty, prompting feverish speculation that her marriage to the tortured billionaire is one of the strictest convenience....

Bearing terrible scars from his time in the military, Rafe rarely leaves his remote Scottish estate. And with the terms of this deal negotiated, possibly behind tightly closed bedroom doors, is Rafe demanding repayment--in kind--from his new wife...?

Book 3091

Heiress Behind The Headlines

by Caitlin Crews

Published 1 October 2011
Out of the limelight and into the fire Haunted by one scandal too many, tabloid-savaged and vulnerable, Larissa Whitney turns her back on her gilded fortune. Desperately hiding from the paparazzi s relentless flashbulbs, Larissa escapes to a small secluded island, seeking refuge. But she s not alone instead, Larissa finds herself face to face with Jack Endicott Sutton Now she s trapped on an island with a man she had a wild affair with five years before A man she s still achingly attracted to. A man who knows the truth is even more scandalous than the headlines

Book 3164

A Royal Without Rules

by Caitlin Crews

Published 1 January 2013
His Royal Highness Prince Patricio, the most debauched man in the kingdom of Kitzinia - if not the entire world. ' Royal PA Adriana Righetti is no stranger to scandal. But Prince Pato takes it to a whole new level. His infamous liaisons make for exceptionally disreputable reading! Her latest assignment, keeping the playboy Prince out of the headlines before his brother's wedding, is mission impossible. Particularly as Pato is intent on ruffling her seemingly uptight feathers! But when the cameras aren't looking Adriana sees behind his careless facade and wonders - is there more to this rebel royal than the world knows? "Be careful whilst reading Caitlin Crews in the one does passion and heat like her!' - Maggie, 46, Oxford

Book 3186

How can he be a good man and a Corretti?

Jilted at the altar, his arranged marriage in tatters, Alessandro Corretti has escaped to his yacht. He'll lick his wounds in private. But aboard his boat is Elena - the woman who broke his heart six months ago and now is engaged to his enemy.

But at sea there are no rules. Alessandro will take what he wants...

They'll spend the next forty days and nights together and if she's carrying his child, she'll be bound to him forever!

Book 3196

"Not Just the Boss's Plaything: A very personal performance plan, from the moment Alicia Teller tripped and fell into Nikolai Korovin's arms, her iron-clad control started to slip! While Alicia's tantalizing curves might drive Nikolai to distraction, business and pleasure are not two things this legendary tycoon has ever mixed ... until now. -- A Devil in Disguise: Playing with fire! Drusilla Bennett's job from hell will soon be over. Ready to take her life back, she plucks up the courage to say 'I quit!' But nothing and no one has ever taken Cayo Vila by surprise, and he's not going to let Dru go quite so easily?"--Page [4] of cover.

Book 3260

Undone by the Sultan's Touch

by Caitlin Crews

Published 1 January 2014
UNDONE BY THE SULTAN'S TOUCH 'Kiss me, if you are so daring.' Cleo Churchill is instantly transfixed by the commanding presence of Khaled bin Aziz. But what would the Sultan of Jhurat want with an ordinary girl like her? Cleo seems to be exactly what Khaled needs: a convenient, beautiful bride to unite his warring country. Yet as their marriage plays out in the darkness of night, the passions unearthed threaten to consume them both!

Book 3275

His For A Price

by Caitlin Crews

Published 1 January 2014

`This is all a big chess game to you, and I the convenient pawn... '

Greek tycoon Nicodemus Stathis has never been able to forget beautiful heiress Mattie Whitaker. And now, ten years of delicious tension later, Nic finally has her right where he wants her.

Mattie's once powerful family dynasty now lies in ruins, and only Nic can offer them a solution - a solution with vows!

She might not have a choice, but Mattie refuses to be the sacrificial queen to his king. But Nic's slow, deliberate seduction wears down his new bride, and the word `checkmate' lies on his lips like a promise...

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Book 3315

At The Count's Bidding

by Caitlin Crews

Published 1 January 2015
"It's the surrender. It's all about the surrender" Paige Fielding has waited ten years for Giancarlo Alessi to walk back into her life. But the man she was once forced to betray isn't interested in asking questions, or hearing apologies...Shocked to discover Paige working as his mother's PA, Giancarlo's thirst for vengeance reignites. So he lures her to Tuscany, where she will bow to his every - pleasurable - command. But the lines between payback and passion quickly blur. And when Giancarlo discovers Paige is pregnant he must ask himself, is it really revenge he so desperately craves - or her? Praise for Caitlin Crews His For Revenge 4.5* TOP PICK RT Book Review From the first page to the brilliantly defining end, Crews' gothic tale refines the priceless harrowed-to-healed love story. The festive holiday atmosphere heightens the twisted tale. His for a Price 4.5* RT Book Review Crews fills her poignant, non-stop drama-thon romance with acerbic humor and heart-rending dialogue and sets it in lavishness on soothing Aegean shores. The banter and sexual tension make this intense page-turner burn. Undone by the Sultan's Touch 4.5
* TOP PICK RT Book Review Crews' intensely emotional, immensely dramatic, tastefully carnal page-turner tops the brand standard. Her uncompromising, imperious desert hero and tenacious, no-holds-barred heroine are awesomely genuine.

Book 3403

Castelli's Virgin Widow

by Caitlin Crews

Published 14 January 2016
Saint Kate is a myth...' Reckless magnate Luca Castelli thinks he knows everything about his late father's widow Kathryn. He won't be fooled by the tabloids' adoration—to his mind this young, achingly beautiful woman is no saint! So when the terms of the will force Luca to become Kathryn's boss, he resolves to push her to her very limits... But as Kathryn rises to his challenge the fire between them—which burns with equal parts hatred and lust—only grows hotter! Until one night Luca discovers Kathryn's innocence runs deeper than he could ever have imagined... She belongs to him, and him alone!

Book 3438

A marriage to steal the headlines!
Royal scoundrel Felipe Cairo is the least likely king in Europe, and he avoids his crown with a passion! To uphold his reckless image and avoid the shackles of duty Cairo must choose a most inappropriate wife... Media sensation Brittany Hollis has a reputation outrageous enough to rival Cairo's. Yet with each scorching kiss she reveals more of her secrets to Felipe than she's ever shown the world. But there's a twist in their tabloid fairytale that shocks them both... Brittany might not be queen material, but she's carrying a royal heir!