To Play with Fire

by Tina Beckett

Published 1 January 2014
Marcos Pinheiro shouldn't be thinking about colleague Maggie. But her innocent fire has him reliving their one wild, shameless night...Maggie's heart has been buried for so long - only in Marcos's arms has she ever felt free from her past demons. But is Marcos's passion enough to banish the shadows for ever?

When the clock strikes midnight...

Dr Miranda Dupris is fed up of men! Her ban on relationships is a New Year's resolution she is determined to keep. To prove it, she'll go on twenty-five dates in one year, and that's first dates only. Maybe then Mira will be able to find Mr Right!

Finding a man is one thing. But when sun-kissed doc Jack Perry arrives in a spray of perfect snow it soon looks as if Mira might be destined to lose her hundred dollar bet...along with her heart!

New Year's Resolutions!
Resolutions are made to be broken...!

His Girl from Nowhere

by Tina Beckett

Published 1 January 2014
HIS GIRL FROM NOWHERE Equine therapist Trisha has a secret. One she's not allowed to tell anyone. Finally given the chance to start over, she just needs the backing of ultra-gorgeous neurosurgeon Mike Dunning! No stranger to betrayal, Mike's had enough of secrets in his life - but can he convince Trisha that she can trust him with hers?

When Lucas Carvalho arrives in hospital with gunshot wounds Sophia recognises him instantly. Lucas is now a drop-dead gorgeous plastic surgeon, but he still has the same dark, soulful eyes she remembers from their childhood orphanage.

Sophia’s determined to keep her distance – Lucas is dangerous for any woman! But can she resist the lure of this bad-boy surgeon…?