Book 3

Secret Miami Nights

by Pamela Yaye

Published 18 July 2017

His passion is like no other

Everything has come easily to Ashton Rollins, the handsome, uber-wealthy heir to an aeronautics empire and president of the Millionaire Moguls. The only thing his riches can't do: help Ashton put a tragic accident behind him. Petite, sexy Haley Adams is the first woman to truly intrigue him since he lost his fiancee. Until a secret about that long-ago night resurfaces and threatens his picture-perfect world...

Haley's charity work is worlds away from Ashton's palatial home and jet-setting lifestyle. He's introducing her to fabulous vacations, exquisite cuisine-and a simmering seduction that leaves her craving more. As power struggles within the Moguls collide with family revelations, Ashton realizes that Haley's the one thing he can't bear to lose. But is she willing to stake everything on the enigmatic man behind the fantasy?

Book 9

A Los Angeles Rendezvous

by Pamela Yaye

Published 20 November 2018