Book 6

Mocha Pleasures

by Pamela Yaye

Published 19 July 2016

Trusting in the sweetness of love

Jackson Drayson has never been one to stick to the rules-or resist a dare. So when he's challenged to jumpstart a patisserie that rivals his cousins' Lillian's of Chicago, he's all in. Between his good looks, captivating manner, and newly discovered gift for innovative cake designs, Jackson's soon winning over legions of customers, including Grace Nicholas. The willowy, reserved master baker is also Jack's chief competition-and the one woman who seems immune to his legendary charms.

The delectable desserts she creates at her family's leading Seattle bakery are all the temptation Grace needs in her life. A lover's betrayal has made her wary of trusting another man. But Jackson can be so passionately persuasive . . . until Grace is accused of stealing his shop's top-secret recipe. Torn between loyalty and love, will Grace make the decision that can assure her a lifetime of sinfully sweet pleasure?