Book 1

Cover of Simply Irresistible

Georganne Howard knows she's irresistible to anyone...and everyone. But when she runs away from her rich, elderly fiance, she chooses as her rescuer the one man who's impervious to her charms . John Kowalsky may find Georganne attractive, but a ditzy charm-school graduate isn't what he needs. After one night, John packs her off with a one-way ticket out of town, never expecting to see her again. Until, that is, she reappears ten years later. But this time Georganne seems to be playing hard to ge...

Book 2

Cover of See Jane Score

See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson

Published 1 February 2003

Cold ice meets red-hot tempers - grab ring-side seats for another brilliant romance from Rachel GibsonJane Alcott leads a secret double life. By day, she's a serious reporter covering the raucous Seattle Chinook hockey team - and in particular their notorious, gorgeous goalie Luc Martineau. By night, she's the uninhibited 'Honey Pie', creating scandalous adventures in an oh-so-sexy and hugely popular magazine serial. Well, a girl's got to pay the bills somehow... Luc has made his feelings about...

Book 3

Cover of The Trouble with Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day sucks. And this year it's worse than usual for Kate Hamilton as she tries to seduce a handsome stranger in a motel bar - only to find out he, unfortunately, has other ideas...Escaping from embarrassment to her grandfather's tiny town of Gospel, Ohio, she's determined to relax. What she's not expecting is a reunion with Mr Handsome Stranger, aka Rob Sutter, who, it just so happens, lives in the town. But then Rob and Kate find themselves in an compromising position in the local st...

Book 4

Cover of True Love and Other Disasters

Heartache, hockey and heavenly bodies - get ready for the new red-hot read from New York Times bestseller Rachel GibsonWhen money-bags Virgil Duffy leaves his widow a stash of cash and his beloved ice-hockey team in his will, team captain Ty 'Saint' Savage is furious. The Chinooks are set to win the biggest prize of the season, and a beautiful young ex-stripper taking over the reins is the last thing he needs. Even if Faith, former playmate of the year, is the sexiest woman he's ever laid on. So...

Book 5

Cover of Nothing But Trouble

Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Gibson

Published 27 April 2010

The closest Chelsea Ross's acting career got to stardom was a brilliant performance as "Pretty Dead Girl #1." But becoming personal assistant to a bad-boy ex-jock may be her worst career move ever. Injured Seattle Chinooks superstar Mark Bressler's glory days are over. Chelsea can deal with Mark's rotten attitude and dark moods. The problem is those biceps and that red-hot body! And then Mark starts to put the moves on her ...

Book 6

Cover of Any Man of Mine

Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson

Published 26 April 2011

Hey, pretty lady, haven't we met?Yes, beautiful thirty-something Autumn Haven has definitely met hockey-superstar Sam LeClaire before. Several years ago she had a passionate, Vegas-inspired fling with him involving getting hitched in an Elvis-themed wedding chapel and ending with her waking up in a hotel room: alone, heartbroken... and pregnant.So these days, reminding her ex-husband that she even exists isn't high on Autumn's to-do list. But they have a child, Conner, and suddenly Sam claims to...

Book 7