Book 1

All I Want for Christmas

by Ann Roth

Published 1 November 2007

"What Exactly Are You Asking Santa For?" "It's A Secret. How Do You Spell Mommy?"

Nothing is more precious to Ryan Chase than five-year-old Maggie. She's the reason the widower moved to Halo Island in the first place-he wanted to get away from his hectic, work-all-hours job so he could spend more time with his daughter. Ryan will do anything to make sure Maggie is protected from hurt, which means no attachments to anyone who comes into their lives-and plans to leave.

As soon as the holidays are over, Tina Morrell is going back to Seattle to her busy job, and hopefully a big promotion. Her career has always been the most important thing in Tina's life-that is, until she meets the adorable Maggie and her incredibly hunky father.

But Ryan won't let Tina get close-even though his daughter seems to be bringing them together. As the spirit of Christmas descends over the island, it's the wishes of one little girl that may be granted!

Book 2

The Pilot's Woman

by Ann Roth

Published 1 March 2008

This Could Mean A Second Chance-For Both Of Them

It's deja vu when Liza Miller boards D. J. Hatcher's seaplane for Halo Island. How could she forget the handsome pilot who had whisked her away from heartbreak three years ago? And clearly he hasn't forgotten her. But D.J. has also been burned by love, and Liza isn't ready to risk her heart again....

The last time they met, Liza was a jilted bride in need of a shoulder to cry on. Now she's someone who deserves a second chance...just like D.J. Can he convince Liza it's time to stop flying solo? That she belongs here with him on the island they both love-as his woman and his wife?

Book 3

Ooh, Baby!

by Ann Roth

Published 1 January 2009

Running a business and being a temporary mommy to her sister's seven-month-old are two full-time jobs.

The last thing Lily Gleason needs is to be audited! Then the Halo Island jewelry designer meets her new accountant. Honorable, straightforward Carter Boyle is a man who inspires trust. He's also sexy, single...and Lily is thrilled at the way he's immediately bonding with her infant niece. Has Mr. Right finally come along?

From the moment Lily walks into his office toting a rosy-cheeked baby, Carter's a goner. But he has a precious secret of his own-one that could make or break Lily's trust in him. Unless he can trust her with the truth...