Book 1

Cover of Secret Coders: Robots & Repeats

Dr. One-Zero has added a new class to Stately Academy's curriculum. But in "Advanced Chemistry," they only teach one lesson: how to make Green Pop! While their classmates are manufacturing this dangerous soda, the Coders uncover a clue that may lead them to Hopper's missing dad. Is it time to use Professor Bee's most powerful weapon: the Turtle of Light? From graphic novel superstar (and former computer-programming teacher) Gene Luen Yang, comes Robots & Repeats, the fourth volume of Secret Cod...

Book 2

Cover of Paths & Portals

Paths & Portals by Gene Luen Yang

Published 30 August 2016

Book 3

Book 4

Cover of Robots & Repeats

Robots & Repeats by Gene Luen Yang

Published 3 October 2017