Book 1

Cover of Eloia Born

Eloia Born by Britta Jensen

Published 26 January 2019

A girl who's lost her mother. A boy learning about love. Both with a secret neither knows about and a journey that could tear them apart.  On the remote planet of Eloia, Dex and Leanora live in two worlds that intersect: the world of the seeing and the blind. Leanora alone travels between them. But she hides her limited eyesight from the boy she loves. Then tragedy strikes and Leanora and Dex must trek across Eloia in search of answers while struggling to survive in the harsh wilderness. Leanor...

Book 2

Cover of Hirana's War

Hirana's War by Britta Jensen

Published 1 October 2020

Extraordinary power brings great uncertainty… After finding love on her long trek across the Eloian wilderness, Leanora is ready to settle down with Tarrok and begin their new life together. But the feuding factions on Hirana have other ideas.Leanora is called upon once more to alter destiny—this time, the destiny of her mother’s war-torn planet. While preparing for war, she discovers that her musical gifts give her unprecedented power that could defeat the Yarats. In order to succeed, she must...