Book 1

Cover of The Frost Eater

The Frost Eater by Carol Beth Anderson

Published 28 January 2020

A spoiled royal hungry for excitement. A young man who hates nobles. Can they foil a kidnapping before they fall prey to an enemy's deadly magic? Seventeen-year-old Princess Nora Abrios is lonely and bored. Though she’s a frost eater who creates magical ice, she’d give anything for a chance to really cut loose. When a commoner’s flying antics capture her attention, she seizes the opportunity to partner up and escape her dreary palace duties. Krey West’s girlfriend Zeisha disappeared weeks ago....

Book 2

Cover of The Vine Eater

The highly anticipated sequel to The Frost Eater, a post-apocalyptic YA fantasy novel reviewers called “a wild ride” that “sizzles along to an unexpected end” with “heavy-hitting action,” “magic and dragons,” and “a touch of romance.” ••• Nora, Krey, and Ovrun rescued vine eater Zeisha Dennivan from magical enslavement. But none of them are truly free. They’re stuck in the ancient city of Deroga. Together, they must protect the city’s trogs from the vengeful king. The ongoing conflict is cha...

Book 3

Cover of The Stone Eater

The exhilarating, romantic conclusion to The Magic Eaters Trilogy, a dystopian YA fantasy series like no other. ••• Can Nora take her father’s crown…before his dark magic takes her life? Ulmin Abrios, King of Cellerin, has gone mad. He’s invading and terrorizing his own cities.  Princess Nora, his estranged daughter, is determined to seize the crown and save her people. Along with her boyfriend Ovrun and her friends Krey and Sarza, she secretly returns to Cellerin. As she plots to take down...