Book 2

Cracking the Dating Code

by Kelly Hunter

Published 1 January 2012

A Crash Course in Flirtation...

Poppy West - genius and legendary code-cracker - needs a hideaway. Her borrowed desert island seems perfect - until she discovers the owner is the most dangerously sexy man she has ever laid eyes on... Now she's out of her depth!

Sebastian Reyne never intended to teach Poppy all the delightful, enticing mysteries of flirtation. Poppy needs a nice man, not a rogue. A patient man, not one who can't be controlled.

But her clueless attempts at cracking the dating code bring out the rescuer in him, the teacher in him, even the gentleman in him. For a while. Until Poppy's skills start to exceed his own...

Book 3


by Kelly Hunter

Published 1 March 2010's a secret!

Special ops expert Trig Sinclair is a man's man, and that means he knows the cardinal rule of the bro matter how dynamite Lena West is, as his best friend's younger sister, she's strictly off limits! He can look, but not touch - not if he wants to live to tell the tale!

But when a secret mission to Istanbul sees Lena and Trig pretending to be married (and sharing a bed!), he finds himself in a whole new world of sweet torture...surely there's only so much temptation one man can take?! But if Trig thinks playing the honour-bound hero is tough, it's got nothing on how Lena feels when she discovers what her 'groom' is really hiding...

Flirting With Intent

by Kelly Hunter

Published 1 October 2011

Ruby's Relationship Rules...

Ruby Maguire's done with being messed around by men. Now she just needs to know three things about a potential bedmate: his name, where he'll be in a week's time, and what it is he wants from her. Damon West knows plenty about subterfuge and secrets, and nothing about being truthful with women.

But Ruby demands honesty between them so Damon gives her as much as he can: I'm Damon West. I'll be leaving Singapore in a week. And I want you to touch me. At least, that was the intent...but something's telling normally bullet-proof Damon that one week with Ruby might not be so easy to recover from...

The Night Before Christmas

by Kelly Hunter

Published 1 January 2013

Jess took a deep breath, sipped her champagne and looked around the crowd again.

She could do this. Come to a Christmas Eve party in her hometown and enjoy the company of old acquaintances without falling apart. She had worth now. A good job as a physiotherapist and a life lived in Sydney. She didn’t need Boyd Webber to tell her that a full-ride university scholarship gave her a shot at a better life. She didn’t need him saying that if she wanted to break the cycle of poverty and violence she’d grown up with, this was her chance.

She’d taken that chance and made the most of it. Boyd could hardly berate her for that. And if Boyd asked her why she’d come home for Christmas, well…all she had to do was tell him the truth.

That sometimes, just sometimes, she missed the ocean and the beaches, the rhythms of small-town life and the fantasy of family who might one day give a damn about her.

That was the truth, even if it wasn’t the whole truth.

No need to mention to Boyd just how much she missed him.