Book 1

Relative Ethics

by Caroline Anderson

Published 1 January 1992


When Dr Bronwen Jones returns to work after the birth of her now fifteen-month-old daughter it's nerve-racking enough to be thrust in at the deep end of Audley Memorial Hospital's busy Emergency Department. But coming face to face with Oliver Henderson, the brilliant young consultant general surgeon she once loved, has sent her stress levels through the roof... He was forbidden fruit then-and she had to leave-but now...? He doesn't behave like a man who's still married but she has to find out-because one thing's for sure:Bron still loves him...

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Book 2

More Than Time

by Caroline Anderson

Published 12 June 1992


Sister Lizzie Lovejoy has made a point of keeping her private life just that, but meeting Audley Memorial Hospital's consultant surgeon, Ross Hamilton, has brought about the first cracks in her ice-queen front. He's determined to pursue the passionate woman he knows lies beneath her buttoned-up demeanour with his warm and humorous charm. Even discovering Lizzie's reasons for trying to protect herself fails to deter him-in fact he's simply more convinced that Lizzie deserves her chance at love and happiness. Lizzie is deeply attracted; can she truly let down her guard and trust this man, for better or worse?

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Book 3

A Perfect Hero

by Caroline Anderson

Published 14 August 1992

Because of her looks, staff nurse Clare Stevens had always had a problem fending off men, but when senior orthopaedic registrar Michael Barrington arrived at Audley Memorial, Clare let down her guard. He was quite perfect and she knew he must have had a similar problem with women 'all over him like a rash'!

Their empathy seemed too good to be true, but it was really love at the first sight. How could they know that their love would be tested by the cruellest cut of all?

Book 4

Playing the Joker

by Caroline Anderson

Published 4 December 1992


Senior registrar Dr Jo Harding had hoped she might get the job as Consultant in Gynaecology at Audley Memorial Hospital, but instead it went to Alex Carter-the man she had one glorious stolen night with four years ago. He might still be irresistible, but Jo has to fight her temptation-not least of all because their night had far-reaching consequences which Alex, as yet, knows nothing about...

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Book 5

Raw Deal

by Caroline Anderson

Published 8 January 1993


Dr Maggie Wells is content working in Paediatrics at the Audley Memorial Hospital. But when she's offered a Far Eastern cruise it seems too good a chance to miss. On board, she gets more than a trip of a lifetime! When she meets the delectable ship's doctor, Ben Bradshaw, she also loses her heart. Ben, however, has a secret that will turn their on-board romance into a forbidden love and passion...

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Book 6

Knave of Hearts

by Caroline Anderson

Published 12 February 1993


Anne Gabriel has taken time out of her career to raise her daughter. Now, juggling working again as Senior House Officer in Gynaecology at Audley Memorial with being a single mum is challenging, even with the support of her good friends Jo and Maggie. And it's about to get even more so! With Jo going off on honeymoon, a locum is about to replace her-and it's oh-so-irresistible Jake Hunter...the man she hasn't seen in eight years-not since the night they conceived Beth...

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Book 7

Second Thoughts

by Caroline Anderson

Published 8 October 1993


Late on a hectic Friday afternoon in Audley Memorial Hospital's paediatric outpatients' department, Sister Jennifer Davidson mentions that she could use some pampering! Lo and behold consultant Andrew Barrett promptly offers to make her wish come true by inviting her and her seven-year-old son to spend the weekend at his country cottage! It becomes a beautiful friendship that promises to be so much more-until Jennifer's ex-husband, her son's father, takes a job at the Audley! But Andrew is convinced he's the right man for Jennifer and her son-he just needs to convince her...

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Book 8

The Spice of Life

by Caroline Anderson

Published 8 October 1993


Sister Kath Hennessy loves her career in the Emergency department at Audley Memorial Hospital. Marriage and children aren't on her mind-yet. Then new consultant Jack Lawrence storms into her life, steals her parking place, and is sexy enough to make her heart race. It's clear too that Jack is more than interested in a hot affair with Kath. She knows this playful rebel doc is a bad risk-but he intrigues her. Why does he love dangerous sports and claim he doesn't want commitment or kids when he's so obviously good with little patients? And she's tempted...very tempted-something tells her that this man is worth redeeming...

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Book 9

Picking Up the Pieces

by Caroline Anderson

Published 11 February 1994


Nick Davidson finally knows he has to move on. His ex-wife Jennifer has remarried and he needs to explore life again too. On moving back to London to take up a new role life finds him, because Nick is almost instantly attracted to his lovely new colleague, theatre nurse Cassie Blake. But with heartbreak so recently behind him, love is the last thing Nick expects. Can he trust this? Is he simply on the rebound? One thing's for sure: he owes it to Cassie to play it cool until he finds out-or is it already too late ...?

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Book 10

A Man of Honour

by Caroline Anderson

Published 11 March 1994


Nurse Helen Cooper is sincerely puzzled. She knows exactly how she feels about the new senior surgical registrar, Dr Tom Russell, and at times she thinks her feelings are returned. But something is wrong... He can't be married-he's just bought a small cottage, big enough only for one, and he's on his own. Perhaps accepting Tom's invitation to escort her to the May Ball will be a turning point? It is-for Tom finally tells her the devastating truth. It seems they can't be together-and yet they simply can't be apart...

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Book 11

Anyone Can Dream

by Caroline Anderson

Published 9 December 1994


Dr Charlotte Jennings is hoping for a fresh start-far away from painful memories of her cruel ex-husband. She knows the obstetrics rotation at Audley Memorial Hospital will be challenging, but she didn't think the challenge would arise in the form of handsome senior registrar William Parry! William is skilful and sensitive, and his flirtatious teasing sparks emotions that Charlotte never thought she would feel again-surely it can't hurt to indulge herself a little? But when one passionate kiss leads to a whole lot more Charlotte begins to wonder whether this wonderful dream can become reality...!

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Book 13

Ryan wanted a lover: he hadn't considered any other woman after the tragic death of his beloved wife -- until Ginny Jeffries arrived. Ginny needed love, and agreed, against her better judgement, to accept Ryan O'Connor on his own terms. But being his lover meant deepening ties with Ryan and his two small children, and all she could see ahead was heartbreak...

Book 15

Sarah's Gift

by Caroline Anderson

Published 8 January 1999
Sarah offered to put up Dr Matt Jordan and his little girl, Emily, during their stay in England. She loved having them about the place - but the last thing she needed was to lose another family. Matt, however, had other ideas - he wanted to give Sarah everything that she had lost.

Book 19


In the seven years since their break-up, Nurse Sally Clarke thinks she's come to terms with the heartbreak and devastation left by her ex, Nick Baker. Yet when Nick turns up at the Audley Emergency Eepartment, to start work as the new registrar, Sally can't face having him in her life again. But Sally doesn't know that Nick's been searching for her-and that he plans to win her back, no matter what the cost...!

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Accidental Seduction

by Caroline Anderson

Published 1 June 2002
Annie was coping as a registrar and as a new single mum, but only just. Meeting Max in the hospital corridor, after more than a year, and discovering he was her new boss, threw her senses and her emotions into total turmoil. Her guilt overwhelmed her - because she'd never told him about their daughter.

The Perfect Christmas

by Caroline Anderson

Published 1 October 2001
The trauma of their first meeting established their heated attraction evenbefore new Consultant Surgeon David Armstrong reached Audley Memorial. Sister Julia Revell felt both alive and nervous around him. But she couldn't allow herself or her little daughter, Katie, to experience another emotional nightmare and she remained determined until Christmas Eve arrived -- and Katie was abducted.

Five years ago Ben Maguire was a brilliant doctor. Since then he has been living the life of his new persona - as a dangerous and courageous TV presenter. Now Ben is about to face his toughest assignment yet. In the latest episode of 'Unsung Heroes' he must follow the fast-paced life of beautiful A & E nurse Meg Fraser...

Beauty And The Billionaire - Barbara Dunlop

Billionaire Hunter Osland can't believe it. One of the employees in the company his family just bought happens to be his one-night stand, Sinclair Mahoney. With their passion-filled encounter still fresh in his memory, Hunter wants to rekindle their connection. But Sinclair's sudden wariness of tangling with her new boss sets the CEO on a different course of action. First he'll show Sinclair how desirable she is in the boardroom...then he'll prove it in the bedroom.

Her One And Only Valentine - Trish Wylie

He's back for the valentine he never should have let go. When Kane Healey had to fight the hardest battle of his life, he learned the true meaning of 'if you love someone, you have to let them go', and decided to face his future alone.

Young and afraid, Rhiannon discovered she was pregnant. But Kane had gone, unaware of the precious miracle he'd left behind...

The Girl Next Door - Caroline Anderson

When consultant general surgeon Nick Sarazin and his two children, Ben and Amy, moved next door to ward sister Veronica Matthews, she did all she could to help them settle in. It was soon clear to Veronica that she'd only be letting herself in for heartache if she allowed herself to fall in love with him.