Arcimboldo's Portraits

by Claude Delafosse

Published 1 January 2000

Guiseppe Arcimboldo creates highly original portraits by placing objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, leaves, fish, and shells next to one another to form faces. Using a magic flashlight made of card, you can explore the dark transparent page of the book and focus in on hidden surprises.

The Jungle

by Rene Mettler and Gallimard Jeunesse

Published 1 January 1993

The Amazon rainforest hides many secrets. We explore the jungle with its giant trees, its exotic plants and its colourful animal life, including jaguars, snakes and parrots. Find out what it is like to live in a rainforest. Discover the beautiful animals, birds, frogs, insects, flowers, and trees that can be found there. Learn about the threat posed by the most dangerous animal of all, humans. This title forms part of the My First Discoveries series, a unique collection of beautifully illustrated information books for children aged 4 to 7 that aims to awaken children’s interest in the wonders of the natural, physical and human world around them. There are 4 transparent overlay pages, which reveal hidden surprises, link ideas and show how things evolve.


by Claude Delafosse, Nancy E. Krulik, and Rene Mettler

Published 1 March 1993
Provides information about the physical characteristics, habits, migration patterns, and markings of different species of birds. Includes transparent overlays.

The Louvre

by Claude Delafosse

Published 1 January 1995

Enter through the glass pyramid to explore the largest museum in the world. Open an Egyptian sarcophagus, watch the Mona Lisa appear on canvas, and discover masterpieces throughout the museum.


by Rene Mettler

Published 22 September 2015

Learn all about ants, one of the strongest and most well-organized of creatures on the planet This book provides a vivid visual demonstration on why the reputation of ants for organization and hard work is fully justified. They live in large communities and build impressive homes in the form of anthills with multiple chambers inside. There are 12000 different kinds of ants, some carnivorous, who eat other insects, and some vegetarian. They are remarkable in being able to carry objects as much eight times their size and 20 times their own weight. They show clear signs of intelligent communication and high levels of collaboration. Yet for some other animals and birds ants are simply their favourite food!

Animal Camouflage

by Rene Mettler

Published 1 January 2001

What exactly is camouflage? Discover animals that can change their shape and their colour depending upon their surroundings. Learn about animals that are very good at pretending to be other animals.

Woods and Forests

by Rene Mettler

Published 5 March 2013

Discover the beauty and majesty of forests all over the Earth. Find out why they are so important for our future. Learn about the trees, the plants, the insects, the flowers, and the animals which inhabit our woods and forests.

Inside the Body

by Claude Delafosse

Published 18 April 2012

You can’t look inside your body, but there is a lot going on in there. Using a press-out flashlight made of card, you can explore the darkened transparent pages of this book. As you move it around you'll soon discover all the details hidden in each picture. You'll see through your body and discover what happens inside. Learn about our five senses. Watch a baby grow inside its mother. Find out what happens to the food we eat. Explore your body through X-rays and under the microscope.