Arcimboldo's Portraits

by Claude Delafosse

Published 1 January 2000

Guiseppe Arcimboldo creates highly original portraits by placing objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, leaves, fish, and shells next to one another to form faces. Using a magic flashlight made of card, you can explore the dark transparent page of the book and focus in on hidden surprises.


by Claude Delafosse and Tony Ross

Published 1 February 1996

Explore another world in a landscape by Van Eyck. Watch Monet add the finishing touches to a sunrise. Wander through a gallery of landscapes by Vermeer, Hokusai, Van Gogh, Magritte, and more.


by Claude Delafosse

Published 1 January 1994

The Louvre

by Claude Delafosse

Published 1 January 1995

Enter through the glass pyramid to explore the largest museum in the world. Open an Egyptian sarcophagus, watch the Mona Lisa appear on canvas, and discover masterpieces throughout the museum.