Her Lord Protector

by Eileen Wilks

Published 1 July 2002

Night Of No Return

by Eileen Wilks

Published 17 March 2001
Alex must keep his emotions in check when an undercover assignment reunites him with the woman who'd saved his life. She was holding out for promises of forever - the one thing this agent couldn't guarantee. Then the rules changed when his deadly mission forced them into close captivity. Would they survive the night of no return with their lives - and hearts - intact?

Midnight Promises

by Eileen Wilks

Published 22 September 2000


Jack Merriman was back in town-making things very sticky for Annie McClain. Especially since Annie had a secret: in a burst of midnight passion, she and her best friend, Jack had conveniently wed; then she'd had no choice but to send the groom packing before the honeymoon began.

Annie knew that the man she'd always loved was a heartache waiting to happen, for Jack didn't believe in forever after. Now, after stumbling onto a drug ring, Jack was on Annie's doorstep, vowing to keep his bride safe-at his side. So Annie had just one choice: to convince her doubting spouse that love was the only thing that mattered after all...

The Virgin And The Outlaw

by Eileen Wilks

Published 19 February 1999
All Gillian Appleby had ever wanted out of life was to fly. But now her plane lay in ruins around her, and she was stranded on a remote mountaintop with the crash's only other survivor -- a tall, dark and very potent male. Gillie had no experience with men, but she had no choice but to trust this handsome stranger with her life! The prime suspect in a crime he hadn't committed, Rafe Stormwalker believed that promises were made only to be broken. Then he found himself stranded and on the run with gutsy, beautiful Gillie . . . and tempted by the greatest -- and most dangerous -- promise of all: love.

Midnight Cinderella

by Eileen Wilks

Published 17 September 1999