Book 1

Shards of Venus

by Tjalara Draper

Published 1 November 2019

Book 2

Flames of Mars

by Tjalara Draper

Published 19 September 2020


by Tjalara Draper

Published 1 January 2022

A hunter's routine is simple-train, hunt, harvest a shape-shifter of its valuables, eat, sleep, repeat.

Lycan shifters, Veniri shifters, Magneii shifters, you name it, if it shape-shifts, my family and I hunt it down. That was until the night a devastating hunting accident plunged my world into the unknown.

Those dearest to me-are long gone.

My self-assuredness-fractured.

My life-long dream-blasted to pieces.

Claiming kills and collecting luminescent blood samples from each shifter race is no longer what I desire. Dare I say the glory of it is starting to repulse me...

Who am I if not a hunter?