Book 1

The morning after Thanksgiving, Enrique "Rick" Santiago, the sheriff of Forever, Texas, opens his front door and discovers ... a baby! Before he has a chance to say "who's the mommy" big-city lawyer Olivia Blayne arrives to claim the adorable infant. She's relieved to find her nephew safe, but is on a desperate search for her missing sister. Rick's only too happy to help, even if he and Olivia instantly clash. Olivia's high-powered life is about responsibility - not laughter, love and holiday joy. But something about joining forces with Rick leads her to realize that there are more things missing from her life than her sister. And passion has its place - even if it is only temporary. After all, her time away from her job in Dallas can't last forever.

Book 2

Ramona and the Renegade

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 January 2011

Deputy Joe Lone Wolf never would've guessed that helping someone at the side of the road in a thunderstorm would throw his carefully controlled world into a tailspin.

But that's exactly what happens when he realizes the sexy stranger is his childhood best friend, Ramona. He's spent years convincing himself that she deserves more than a former rebel with a scarred past. But all it takes is one stormy night in a deserted cabin with Ramona to make the fierce lawman change his mind.

Falling for Joe is a risk veterinarian Ramona Santiago knows she shouldn't take. Everyone she's trusted has let her down and left her alone except him. Can she possibly hope that she and Joe were always meant to be more than friends?

Book 3

"Big-city radiologist Dan Davenport is ready to take New York by storm. But when an accident robs him of the most important person in his life, he decides to honor his brother by taking his place as the town physician in Forever, Texas--temporarily. He's never been fond of the commitment, but when he meets a beautiful young mother struggling to get back on her feet, he reconsiders..."--p. [4] of cover.

Book 4

Lassoing The Deputy

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 January 2012

Can He Rope Her In?

Ten years ago Cash Taylor said goodbye to his close-knit hometown and hello to the fast track of big-city success. Now a criminal lawyer with a guilty heart and a lot of soul-searching to do, he's back in Forever, Texas, for his grandfather's wedding.

Taking a walk down the aisle himself is the last thing on his mind. That is, until he sees Alma Rodriguez, the woman he was crazy about but left behind. As a deputy, Alma knows how to keep her emotions in check. It's not easy, especially when Cash looks into her eyes.

He hurt her once, yet she can't resist having him in her life again. Alma sees he's troubled, and she wants to help-if she can keep love out of the equation. But it just might be the answer they both need!

Book 5

A Baby On The Ranch

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 January 2012

Real Love Is Worth The Wait

When Kasey Stonestreet's husband walked out on her and their newborn son, her best friend, Eli Rodriquez, was her rock. Eli took them in at his Forever, Texas ranch without hesitation. As a suddenly single mom with nowhere else to go, Kasey expected to feel out of place. Instead, for the first time in her life, she felt like she was home. Eli has secretly loved Kasey since they were kids; he was devastated when she married another man.

Now, he's got a second chance at happiness. The woman of his dreams, and the family he always wanted, are in his reach. But if he reveals his true feelings, it could ruin their friendship, and he'd lose Kasey forever. How long can Eli and Kasey go on pretending to each other-and to themselves-that they're still just friends? And what will happen when Kasey's husband returns?

Book 6

A Forever Christmas

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 January 2012

An old, familiar ache tried to work its way into Sarah’s chest.

She sure wished she could make Gregory see what his extra job was doing to his son Hunter. Surely if he saw the effect, he would quit. Why waste time working for gifts that would mean nothing to the boys after the first five minutes? What was truly important was time with family. Because it could be taken away at any time. She looked at her calendar and counted dated blocks.

Twelve days until Christmas Eve and their pageant. Twelve days…. An idea began to blossom. She took a deep breath as she envisioned those empty blocks on her calendar and began to brainstorm ideas. But could she pull it off? It would take a lot of strength to spend that kind of time around Gregory. Strength she might not have right now. Hunter’s sad, angry face flashed through her mind. Yes, she had to do it. For Hunter.

Book 7

His Forever Valentine

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 January 2013

Rafe Rodriguez never reckoned on playing hero to a beautiful, big-city stranger. But when he saves Valentine Jones from a charging bull, this Rodriquez brother's fate is all but sealed.

The Hollywood photographer is on location in Forever to scout out an authentic dude ranch. And nothing could feel more real-or right-than the fiery feelings Val's awakening in Rafe. And he knows just how their real-life romance should end! Haunted by tragedy, Val knows life isn't like the movies. Still, a girl could get used to having a sexy protector like Rafe around. The Texas rancher's wreaking havoc with her credo of never settling in one place. Is Val headed for heartbreak again? Or has she finally found a place to belong with this cowboy who's starting to make her believe in forever?

Book 8

A Small Town Thanksgiving

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 January 2013

Ghostwriter Samantha Monroe just arrived in Forever, Texas, to turn a remarkable woman’s two-hundred-year-old journals into a personal memoir. The Rodriguez clan welcomes her with open arms .

. . and awakens Sam’s fierce yearning to be part of a family. But it’s the eldest son—intensely private rancher Mike Rodriguez—who awakens her passion. Hiring Sam to preserve his great-great-grandmother’s story to future generations was Mike’s inspiration. He just didn’t realize how much he’d want her to be part of his family’s continuing saga. Delving into the past has made Sam hungry for a future—with Mike. The next move is up to him. If he doesn’t, the best woman to ever happen to him just might waltz back out of his life forever!

Book 9

Since the first grade, Holly Johnson has known that Ramon Rodriguez is the only man for her. But the carefree, determinedly single Texas cowboy with the killer smile doesn't have a clue. Until they share a dance and a kiss and Ray finally sees his best friend for the woman in love she is. With his brothers racing each other down the aisle, Ray figured he'd be the last bachelor in Forever. That was before the night that changed his life. He can't believe the sexy, beautiful lady who arouses heart-stopping desire is his pal and confidante, and loving aunt to the most adorable little girl. Now that he realizes what he's been missing, Ray plans to make up for lost time starting with the three little words Holly's waited thirteen years to hear.

Book 10

Her Forever Cowboy

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 January 2014
The minute Brett Murphy laid eyes on Forever's new doctor, Alisha Cordell, he knew he'd never be the same again. The big-city blonde isn't looking to put down roots and Brett's been burned by love before, but he's looking for a second chance...with Alisha!

Book 11

Cowboy for Hire

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 January 2014
When city girl Constance hires ruggedly handsome Finn Murphy to help her build her hotel, she feels a million miles from home. With Finn's devastating charms warming her more by the day, Constance might have finally found a love to call her own...

Book 12

Christmas Cowboy Duet

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 January 2014
A flood has left talent scout Whitney Marlowe stranded with singer Liam Murphy for Christmas. Whitney is here to work and it's dangerous mixing business with pleasure...But a permanent duet is more tempting by the day!

Book 13

The Cowboy And The Lady

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 September 2015


...and this tiny Texas town is Deborah Kincannon's last hope. The Indiana nurse will do whatever it takes to save her troubled teenage brother from their painful past. Debi isn't prepared for the community that welcomes them with open arms-or Jackson White Eagle, the handsome rancher who's giving new meaning to starting over.

As co-owner of the Healing Ranch, Forever's former bad boy is paying it forward. But Debi's brother isn't the only one who's blossoming under Jackson's innovative program for giving back to his town. The pretty, guarded newcomer is igniting a powerful yearning that's bringing out the unlikely hero in him. Can Jackson convince Debi that she has finally found her safe haven-with him?

An Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Romance Author

Book 14

Her Mistletoe Cowboy

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 19 November 2015


Journalist Kimberly Lee certainly didn't expect to end up injured and in Garrett White Eagle's arms when she arrived in Forever, Texas. But if Kim's willing to trust in Garrett's love, wounds old and new might just heal in time for Christmas...


When one unforgettable kiss between best friends Alex Fitzgerald and Flora Buckingham unleashes feelings kept hidden for years, Alex must make a decision - step back and protect their friendship, or risk everything and get down on one knee...

Book 15

The Cowboy And The Baby

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 October 2016
The wrangler's special delivery
When the father of her baby bails, Devon Bennett finds herself in a difficult position. As in 'giving birth in a truck on the side of a road' difficult. Devon's never felt more alone, until a hunky cowboy rides in to save the day. Deputy Cody McCullough can't shake the feeling that Devon and her baby still need him, and not just because they're staying at his ranch. It's obvious that the single mom's heart has been broken before and trusting this cowboy lawman doesn't come easily. But Cody will do whatever it takes to make Devon feel safe again...and to see that her heart finally has a home.

Book 16

The Rancher And The Baby

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 December 2016


Cassidy McCullough can't remember a time when rancher Will Laredo wasn't a huge (albeit handsome) pain in her backside. In this small Texan town, their bickering is almost legendary. When they rescue a baby during a flash flood, however, Will and Cassidy suddenly find themselves temporary guardians of a child…together.

Will has a hard time holstering his temper around Cassidy. Now they're both responsible for a lost baby, and darned if they can't stop arguing. The only way to make it through is to declare a cease-fire. And Lord help them both if that happens…because then Will might just discover he's falling for his enemy.

Book 17

Twins On The Doorstep

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 1 October 2017
When newborn twins mysteriously appear on Cole McCullough's doorstep, everyone at the Healing Ranch, including Cole, starts to wonder...could they be his? Why else would someone leave them there? Cole knows there must be another explanation. Unless... The only woman that Cole's been that close to is Stacy Rowe - the one he cared for deeply, and deeply regrets losing. But Stacy hasn't been in Forever in...forever. Eight months, to be exact. And while the math adds up, nothing else does! She would never abandon two little babies that way - she's said as much. But she does seem awfully keen to help him care for them. And the closer their odd little family grows, the more Cole has to wonder...

Book 18

A Baby For Christmas

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 30 November 2017
He's fighting for them

When Amy Donovan married the town playboy and left Texas, Cole McCullough wished her well - no matter how much it hurt. He got past it - but never really over it. Now the one that got away is back and needs his help... in more ways than one!

Recently divorced and fleeing her abusive ex-husband, Amy needs a safe place to hide and someone she can trust. And she's not alone. Her fussy, six-month-old son needs sanctuary, too... and Cole is determined to protect them both. It's not his family, but it's the family - and the woman - he's always wanted. So when Amy's jealous ex tracks her down, hell-bent on reclaiming his `property,' Cole's ready to fight this time....

Book 19

The Cowboy's Lesson In Love

by Marie Ferrarella

Published 13 December 2018
Learning to love again
Is his hardest assignment
Ever since Clint Washburn's wife abandoned him, the stoic rancher has built up defenses to keep everyone in Forever, Texas, out - including his young son. Now the boy's teacher, Wynona Chee, is questioning his parenting! And Clint is experiencing feelings he thought long dead. Still, Wynona has her homework cut out for her if she's going to teach this cowboy to love again.

Book 20

He used to believe in love.
Until life took an unexpected turn...
And Daniel Tallchief's fiancee left him. But staying in Forever, Texas, to raise his little sister was the right choice. Until her teacher Shania Stewart tells Daniel he's too strict with his party-obsessed sibling! The handsome lawman doesn't know whether to ignore her or kiss her. But Shania knows. It's going to take a carefully crafted lesson plan to tutor this cowboy in love.