Book 1

Red Hot

by Lisa Childs

Published 15 December 2015

He'll risk his life…just not his heart

Fiona O'Brien knows how to minimize risk…by never, ever falling for a guy in a hazardous job. And when her brother applies to become an elite Forest Service firefighter, Fiona hits the roof. She'll do anything to keep him safe—even if it means using every sexy tool in her arsenal to seduce the one firefighter who can change her brother's mind.

Hotshot Wyatt Andrews swore to avoid controlling women like Fiona. And he has no intention of intervening in her family business. Still, he can't resist the fiery redhead with the deadly curves. Soon they're engulfed in a blaze of lust that incinerates their self-control. They’re playing each other, but if they’re not careful they may both get burned.

Book 2

Hot Attraction

by Lisa Childs

Published 22 March 2016

She's playing with fire!

Reporter Avery Kincaid always gets what she wants. After an inferno tears through the Huron National Forest and nearly kills a group of campers, Avery's instincts kick in. There's definitely more to this story. She'll need to use every ounce of sex appeal she has to get the scoop from a certain scorching-hot elite firefighter…

Only Hotshot Dawson Hess wants nothing to do with the press. Especially when they get too close to the flames…or the truth. He's guarded and close-mouthed—except when he’s using that sexy mouth to drive Avery wild. What she doesn't know is that Dawson needs something from her…and if she can't take the heat, she'd better stay out of this Hotshot's bed!

Book 3

Hot Seduction

by Lisa Childs

Published 23 August 2016
Part of the elite Hotshot firefighting team, Cody Mallehan is happy to jump from one dangerous situation to another. Getting attached to anything or anyone is the one risk he's not willing to take. So he carefully nurtures his "bad boy" reputation to keep people at a distance.

Book 4

Hot Pursuit

by Lisa Childs

Published 20 December 2016

This firefighter is five-alarm hot!

For Braden Zimmer, leading his team of Hotshot firefighters isn't just about being the best—it's about sensing when a fire is coming. And a scorcher is definitely on its way. Maybe it's from the dangerous arsonist who's targeted him. Or maybe it has something to do with the sexy little arson investigator who's been sent to protect Braden…

Sam McRooney may be tiny and blonde but she doesn't mess around. Braden is in serious danger, and she's not about to jeopardize his life—even if he is hot enough to leave scorch marks on her libido. But with the arsonist growing bolder by the day, getting too close to this hunky Hotshot won't just get her burned…it could get her killed.

Book 5

Hotshot Hero Under Fire

by Lisa Childs

Published 12 May 2022

Book 6

Hotshot Hero on the Edge

by Lisa Childs

Published 4 August 2022

Book 7

Hotshot Heroes Under Threat

by Lisa Childs

Published 10 November 2022

Book 8

Hotshot Hero in Disguise

by Lisa Childs

Published 2 February 2023

Book 9

Hotshot Hero for the Holidays

by Lisa Childs

Published 9 November 2023

Book 10

Hunted Hotshot Hero

by Lisa Childs

Published 14 March 2024

Book 11

Book 12

Last Mission

by Lisa Childs

Published 20 August 2024