Examines the contributions of various nations and cultures to the exploration of space.

Presents a variety of astronomy projects, including creative writing and drawing assignments, modelmaking, sky observation, and experiments.

Presents beliefs of ancient peoples about the universe.

Offers an account of how scientists and amateurs use instruments such as space telescopes, computers, radio telescopes, and binoculars to study the universe.

Discusses the characteristics of comets and meteors and cites both famous appearances and unexplained mysteries connected with them.

Double Planet

by Isaac Asimov

Published January 1967
Discusses the smallest, most distant, and most mysterious planet in our solar system, its discovery, its peculiar orbit, and its recently discovered satellite.


by Isaac Asimov, Francis Reddy, and Greg Walz-Chojnacki

Published 1 September 1997

Describes the characteristics of the planet Venus and how we discovered them

Describes the characteristics and movements of the planet Neptune and how we found out about it.