Role Play

by Caroline Anderson

Published 12 August 1994


Dr Abbie Pearce is nervous about starting her year's training in general practice...and that's before she meets dreamy new colleague Dr Leo Chandler! With his rakish grin and amazing blue eyes Leo's used to making any girl go weak at the knees -and Abbie's certainly no exception! Whilst Leo's role-play might be an attempt to put Abbie at ease with her patients, it's clear his sweet talk is very real...and very convincing. But is this no-strings doc capable of commitment to anything other than his job?

Picking Up the Pieces

by Caroline Anderson

Published 11 February 1994


Nick Davidson finally knows he has to move on. His ex-wife Jennifer has remarried and he needs to explore life again too. On moving back to London to take up a new role life finds him, because Nick is almost instantly attracted to his lovely new colleague, theatre nurse Cassie Blake. But with heartbreak so recently behind him, love is the last thing Nick expects. Can he trust this? Is he simply on the rebound? One thing's for sure: he owes it to Cassie to play it cool until he finds out-or is it already too late ...?

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Love without Measure

by Caroline Anderson

Published 14 July 1995


Staff Nurse Anna Jarvis adores her work in Audley memorial Hospital's Emergency Department,, even though combining a full-time job with looking after her adorable four-year-old daughter Flissy has its complications! However, breathtakingly handsome Patrick Haddon-the new senior registrar-is a complication that Anna doesn't need. She might not have announced Flissy's existence to all and sundry, but by the look of the ring on his finger it's clear that Patrick's keeping a few secrets of his own . . .

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

A Familiar Stranger

by Caroline Anderson

Published 11 August 1995

Community Nurse Janna Murray loved her job in the Remote Highland village by the sea, and if her private life was less happy, then she was willing to settle for contentment. Until Finn returned. All her life she had loved and idolised Finlay MacGregor, now Dr MacGregor, until he had let her down at a most crucial moment in her life.

Janna had never really forgiven Finn, and now that he was coming home to take over as the local GP she knew it was going to be seriously difficult to work with him, more so when he behaved as if they were still loving friends...

Once More, with Feeling

by Caroline Anderson

Published 9 December 1994


Dr Emily Thompson's looking for happiness-and moving to Devon with her stepson Jamie seems like the perfect place to start! But she hasn't counted on her still-just-as-gorgeous ex-husband Dr David Trevellyan working at the same practice! Emily might have accepted the job, but she certainly isn't ready to accept the resurfacing of her old feelingsfor her first husband-Jamie is her focus now. Yet one scorching, unforgettable night leads to unexpected consequences...Emily is pregnant! Can David and Emily put the past behind them and give their love one more chance?

Taken for Granted

by Caroline Anderson

Published 12 May 1995

After twelve years of marriage, surely Sally wasn't expecting too much that her husband, Dr. Sam Alexander, should remember her thirty-ninth birthday?

Yes, he was busy GP, but her life was hectic too! And no, this time he wouldn't win her round with his lovemaking. In the ensuing fight, Sally issued a challenge - reverse their roles! She was a qualified GP too - it was how they had met - and she needed more than being taken for granted as a housewife and mother. Sam picked up the gauntlet ... but had they drifted too far apart to save their marriage?

That's My Baby!

by Caroline Anderson

Published 8 December 1995

The Spice of Life

by Caroline Anderson

Published 8 October 1993


Sister Kath Hennessy loves her career in the Emergency department at Audley Memorial Hospital. Marriage and children aren't on her mind-yet. Then new consultant Jack Lawrence storms into her life, steals her parking place, and is sexy enough to make her heart race. It's clear too that Jack is more than interested in a hot affair with Kath. She knows this playful rebel doc is a bad risk-but he intrigues her. Why does he love dangerous sports and claim he doesn't want commitment or kids when he's so obviously good with little patients? And she's tempted...very tempted-something tells her that this man is worth redeeming...

THE AUDLEY-where love is the best medicine of all...

Nothing Left to Give

by Caroline Anderson

Published 14 October 1994


Practice Nurse Beth Turner is desperate for a change of scenery, and a part-time post at Suffolk General will allow her just the breathing space she needs. Handsome widower Dr Gideon Pendragon even offers Beth a coach-house flat in his rambling grounds! However, it turns out to be something of a mixed blessing... Gideon's three gorgeous children remind her of the one thing she's never known-a family. But when Gideon asks for her help, how can Beth refuse? Even if helping brings her closer to the one man who surely has nothing left to give...and with whom she's falling hopelessly in love!