Book 1

A shotgun wedding...or a match made in Haven?

Attorney Katelyn Gilmore has her entire life mapped out, well that's until a spontaneous night of passion with the new sheriff in town - Reid Davidson. Now she's going to have a baby! With Katelyn's well-ordered universe upended, is true love on the cards?

Book 2

Her Seven-Day Fiance

by Brenda Harlen

Published 17 May 2018

The biggest playboy becomes the perfect fake fiance!

To stop her matchmaking mother, Alyssa Cabrera, the newest gal in Haven, finds herself faux-engaged to Jason Channing - the town playboy! Though both are committed to staying single, could they be the perfect couple after all?

Book 3

Six Weeks to Catch a Cowboy

by Brenda Harlen

Published 9 August 2018
The celebrity cowboy is back. . . with a pint-size surprise!

Kenzie Atkins was a lovestruck teenager when Spencer Channing left town. But the biggest news isn't the rodeo champion's homecoming-it's the little girl who calls him "daddy." Could he finally be ready to ride off into the sunset with Kenzie for the ultimate happy-ever-after?

Book 4

Claiming The Cowboy's Heart

by Brenda Harlen

Published 15 January 2019

Three bundles of joy!

Opening Haven's first boutique hotel is Liam Gilmore's longtime dream come true, especially when he hires alluring Macy Clayton as manager. Good thing the single mother's already spoken for-by her adorable eight-month-old triplets! Because Liam isn't looking for forever after....

Book 5

Double Duty For The Cowboy

by Brenda Harlen

Published 16 April 2019

First comes marriage...
Then comes love!

When Regan Channing finds out she's pregnant, the last thing she expects is for another man to make her his wife! Especially not former bad boy Connor Neal. But Connor's changed. And the electricity sizzling between Connor and Regan can't be denied.

Book 6

One Night With The Cowboy

by Brenda Harlen

Published 11 July 2019
No need for a shotgun wedding... They're still married!

On a trip to Vegas Brienne Channing comes face to face with her ex-husband. Except Caleb Gilmore has some news-the handsome cowboy never signed the divorce papers years ago. Still husband and wife, they rekindle that undying spark and receive the ultimate surprise. But is a baby enough to keep them together?

Book 7

A Chance for the Rancher

by Brenda Harlen

Published 21 January 2020

Cowboy and lover...
or husband and daddy?

Rancher Patrick Stafford is determined to show local vet and single mum Dr Brooke Langley how to have fun. Tempting her with a short-term fling. But the experienced bachelor makes a rookie mistake: He underestimates the power of a kiss.

Book 8

The Marine's Road Home

by Brenda Harlen

Published 21 July 2020

He's faced the enemy in battle
But love takes a different kind of courage

An explosion ended Jake Kelly's military career. But the ex-Marine's efforts at self-imposed solitude and keeping the beautiful local bartender at a distance are thwarted by his canine companion. Every time he turns around, Molly is racing off to look for Skylar Gilmore. Maybe the dog knows that two hearts are better than one...?

Book 9

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

by Brenda Harlen

Published 27 October 2020

A Yuletide proposal
With Christmas magic

Haylee Gilmore always made practical decisions-except for one unforgettable night with Trevor Blake! Now she's expecting his baby, and he wants to do the right thing. But Haylee refuses to marry for duty-she wants his heart. Maybe, if Trevor can let go of his past, he'll find Haylee willing to accept his Yuletide proposal after all . . .

Book 10

The Rancher's Promise

by Brenda Harlen

Published 18 March 2021

When it comes to love and family
He'll risk everything

When 10-year-old Mitchell Gilmore proposed to little Lindsay Delgado, she said 'Yes!' Years later, he was best man at her wedding, 'Uncle' to her children, and when Lindsay is tragically widowed, a consoling shoulder. Until one electric kiss changes everything. Now Mitchell is determined to move from lifelong friendship to forever family. It's a risky proposition, but maybe Lindsay will finally make good on her promise.

Book 11

Book 12

Book 13

Countdown to Christmas

by Brenda Harlen

Published 13 October 2022