Cover of Treacherous Waters

Treacherous Waters by Teresa Crane

Published 7 February 2002

Since Annie's French husband was killed in the First World War, she has put her son first in everything. Her motherly instincts now tell her that Davie, at ten years old, would benefit from having a father, and when Fergus Cameron proposes to her, Annie knows that he can offer them both comfort and security. But is that reason enough to marry? Annie is beginning to feel there must be more to life and when she and Davie bump into Richard Ross near their home in Kew, her instincts are proved corre...

Cover of The Wild Card

The Wild Card by Teresa Crane

Published 6 July 2000

Beginning in the year 1929, this is the intensely gripping story of the relationships that develop between two families. Liam, a surly young man who is 'the wild card' of the novel, becomes entangled with Christine and with the British activities of the IRA. Ned, Christine's younger brother, an insecure and frail character, allows himself to be carried along in their savage and uncontrollable relationship, until the spotlight is turned on him and his affections for Liam. Meanwhile, at t...