Book 1

Cover of Paradise Rising

Paradise Rising by P. G. Shriver

Published 26 May 2020

An unusual encounter. A destined connection. Two superhuman teens in over their head... San Antonio, 2024. Thirteen-year-old Cheater isn't sure how she ended up wanted for murder. Burdened with a power she doesn't understand, that's triggered by a creeping darkness she can't remember, she's both saved and taken lives. But when she makes a vigilante move to stop a mugging, she encounters a boy who might be the key to cracking the mystery of her strange gift. Fifteen-year-old Jaz has survived to...

Book 2

Cover of Time of Dreams

Time of Dreams by P. G. Shriver

Published 29 July 2020

Godley, Texas. Fourteen-year-old Nathan isn't sure how the girl in his dream knew to warn him. Burdened with righteous anger, and past events that put him in the wrong place at the wrong time, he's ready to avenge the tragedies he's left behind. But when a lost girl in the woods demands his help, he finds himself in another sticky situation- a dead body, a familiar face, and a secret that might be key to deciphering the dream. Seventeen-year-old Rebecca survived a tragedy that's kept her locke...

Book 3

Cover of The Lost Prince

The Lost Prince by P. G. Shriver

Published 1 October 2020

A call to unite. A search for truth. Two superhuman teens running from the law… Paradise, Texas. Fourteen-year-old Carmen isn’t sure what happened to her mother; one day she’s helping cook dinner, but the next day, her mother’s missing and Carmen’s fleeing for her life. Burdened with anger that interferes with her unusual power, she takes to the streets with the only clue her mother left behind. But when she encounters a stranger picking through her belongings, she finds herself in a life or de...

Cover of The Gifted Ones

The Gifted Ones by P. G. Shriver

Published 15 February 2012