Cover of Northern Lights

This is the first in a trilogy in which a new universe has been created. A world where daemons swoop and scuttle along the streets of Oxford and London, where the mysterious Dust swirls invisibly through the air, and where one child knows secrets the adults would kill for.

Cover of Born from Chaos

Born from Chaos by Wendii McIver

Published 6 January 2022

Young Adult

This powerful story is both gripping and beautifully crafted, rich with mythology - perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Children of Blood and Bone.In the old times, all there was were the Necromancers and the Reapers, who have been at war for thousands of years. One, a race that ripped the earth apart, raising whole undead armies. The other, a band of scythe-wielding warriors, intent on destroying their seemingly 'evil' counterparts.Nyx, a young girl born a Necromancer but raised a Reaper, mus...

Cover of 10 Klicks South of Whiskey

10 Klicks South of Whiskey by Ryan Smithson

Published 19 July 2018

Young Adult

Cover of A Place for Wolves

A Place for Wolves by Kosoko Jackson

Published 2 April 2019

Young Adult

Cover of Battle Lines

Battle Lines by Jacob I N Wolcott

Published 16 April 2019

Young Adult

Cover of Gigged

Gigged by Heath Gibson

Published 1 June 2010

Young Adult

A junior ROTC cadet at North Covington High, J.T. is at war with himself, his enemies, and his past. But no matter how hard he throws himself into the intense demands of the military programme, J.T. is unable to escape the traumas of his life. His father died in Desert Storm. His mother was killed in a car accident that J.T. may have caused. After she died, J.T. was placed in an abusive foster home. Haunted by self-doubt, J.T. focuses on his latest assignment at school: whip a new group of raw r...

Cover of Without Warning

Without Warning by Dennis Hamley

Published 9 October 2007

Young Adult

Cover of Becoming American

Becoming American by Callie J Trautmiller

Published 6 October 2019

Young Adult

Cover of Twelve Jackals

Twelve Jackals (Illicitum, #1) by Moud Adel

Published 21 May 2021

Young Adult

Immersive World full of unique magic systems In a divided land where rival factions struggle to gain control using the unique talents of their respective realms, Rakamai and people of Kala curb their use of magic, because to do otherwise steals years from their lives. But when a new alliance turns into a bloody betrayal and threatens open war, Rakamai vows to get revenge and secure the future of his people. To do so, he'll need to fully embrace the magic of his people and bring his own consider...

Cover of Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak

From the international bestselling author of All the Birds in the Sky, Charlie Jane Anders, comes Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak, the sequel to Victories Greater Than Death in the thrilling adventure Unstoppable series, set against an intergalactic war.They'll do anything to be the people they were meant to be ― even journey into the heart of evil.Rachael Townsend is the first artist ever to leave Earth and journey out into the galaxy ― but after an encounter with an alien artifact, she can't mak...

Cover of Camp Valor

Camp Valor (The Camp Valor, #1) by Scott McEwen

Published 10 July 2018

Young Adult

Cover of Ghost Rendition

Ghost Rendition by Larry Weitzman

Published 17 November 2020


Action-packed CIA spy thriller, part family dramedy, and full of action, quirky comedy, and all too human characters. Gib Alexander is a divorced suburban dad who also happens to be a deadly efficient, off the books, CIA contractor. Balancing the demands of his perilous profession and his resentful ex-wife and troubled son is a dangerous juggling act. His safety and the safety of his family depend on his fanatical precautions to keep his two lives separate. When a young computer coder threaten...

Cover of The Viking's Consort

The Viking's Consort by Quinn Loftis

Published 1 October 2019

Young Adult

Cover of Sisters of the War: Two Remarkable True Stories of Survival and Hope in Syria

An extraordinary true account of the enormous tragedy of the Syrian civil conflict. Since the civil war in Syria began in 2011, over 500,000 civilians have been killed and more than 12 million Syrians have been displaced. Rania Abouzeid, one of the foremost journalists on the topic, follows two pairs of sisters from opposite sides of the conflict to give readers a first-hand glimpse of the turmoil and devastation this strife has wrought. Sunni...

Cover of War Brothers

War Brothers by Sharon McKay

Published 8 September 2009


Sharon McKay's novel is set in Uganda, where Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has, since 1987, abducted up to 30,000 children from their villages and homes for use as soldiers and slaves. It is in these nightmarish times that the fates of five boys and a girl are entwined. Captured from their school by the LRA, the boys wait for rescue only to discover that if they are to survive they must rely on themselves. But friendship, courage, and resilience might not be enough to save them.