Cover of Star Daughter

Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar

Published 11 August 2020

Young Adult

"Shveta Thakrar's prose is as beautiful as starlight."-New York Times bestselling author Holly Black This gorgeously imagined YA debut blends shades of Neil Gaiman's Stardust and a breathtaking landscape of Hindu mythology into a radiant contemporary fantasy. The daughter of a star and a mortal, Sheetal is used to keeping secrets. Pretending to be "normal." But when an accidental flare of her starfire puts her human father in the hospital, Sheetal needs a full star's help to heal him. A star l...

Cover of My India

My India by Marcel Moring

Published 1 January 2011

Young Adult

Cover of The Power of Vital Force

The Power of Vital Force by Rajshree Patel

Published 27 August 2019


The less energy we have, the less we are alive; the more energy we have, the more we thrive - in every part of our lives. Vital Force combines ancient wisdom with the principles of psychology and self-help, offering a fresh approach to happiness and success. This book explores the fundamental concept of prana, or 'life energy', from the perspective of the ancient Indian spiritual tradition of Vedanta. As the ancient sages described it, this fundamental force is what drives our physical, creativ...