Cover of Stories of Survival and Revenge

Stories of Survival and Revenge presents three action-packed Inuit folktales: the stories of Nuliajuk, the mother of the sea mammals; Kaugjagjuk, the mistreated orphan who seeks revenge; and the Nanurluk, an enormous polar bear many times the size of a regular bear. Written at a reading level of approximately grade three, and an interest level suitable for the 12+ age group, this book is a perfect pick for reluctant and struggling readers. With comic book-inspired illustrations, this book presen...

Cover of Northern Lights

This is the first in a trilogy in which a new universe has been created. A world where daemons swoop and scuttle along the streets of Oxford and London, where the mysterious Dust swirls invisibly through the air, and where one child knows secrets the adults would kill for.

Cover of Those Who Dwell Below

Those Who Dwell Below by Aviaq Johnston

Published 11 June 2019

Young Adult

Haunted by the vicious creatures of his recent past, Pitu tries to go back to a normal life at home after the other-worldly travels and near-death encounters of his recent disappearance into the world of the spirits. But Pitu knows that there is more work to be done, and more that he must learn in his new role as a shaman. When word of a starving village nearby reaches Pitu, he must go help its people appease the angry spirits. It soon becomes clear that Pitu must travel to the bottom of the o...

Cover of Immi

Immi by Karin Littlewood

Published 1 May 2016

Young Adult

Immi finds a beautiful wooden bird at the end of her fishing line, and every day after that she discovers something new, until her igloo is the brightest thing in the land. But where are these mysterious gifts coming from, and who is sending them? Hope and friendship echo across continents in this beautiful, timeless tale.

Cover of Relic (the Books Of Eva I)

Relic (the Books Of Eva I) by Ricardo Cortes and Heather Terrell

Published 28 August 2014

Young Adult

Cover of Polaris

Polaris (Tales from the Wonder Zone)

Published 13 February 2007

Young Adult

Canadian Science Writers' Association's Science in Society Journalism Award Winner, Youth Book category, 2007 From the Tales from the Wonder Zone series: POLARIS Solar storms ... Visitors from other worlds ... The struggle to survive a changing climate ... Solving mysteries under ice ... And above ... Celebrate the wonders of polar science with our talented authors as they let their imaginations soar over this world and beyond. But beware. Knowledge can help you survive. It can a...

Cover of Whiteout

Whiteout by James Houston

Published 11 November 2002

Young Adult

Cover of Arctic Giants

Arctic Giants by Neil Christopher

Published 16 September 2010


Experience the exciting world of arctic giants through traditional tales from around Nunavut. Based on elder interviews from more than one hundred years ago, these stories reveal the fearsome giants that once stalked the arctic. From enormous beings strong enough to pick up a walrus with one hand, to massive creatures that towered over mountains and could carry humans on the lace of one boot, these Inuktitut language stories will introduce readers to a vast array of arctic giants.

Cover of Why the Monster

Why the Monster by Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley

Published 28 September 2017

Young Adult

Huuq is a young Inuit boy who has never fit in to camp life. One day, fleeing yet another attack from the camp bullies, Huuq finds himself alone and far away from camp, with only his dog Qipik as company. On a lonesome hill, they find an egg. But this is no ordinary bird's egg. It's big. And almost looks like a stone. When Huuq breaks this mysterious egg, it unleashes a series of events that turn Huuq himself into a monstrous half-human creature. As Huuq tries to figure out why he has been turne...

Cover of Kiska

Kiska by John Smelcer

Published 23 October 2017

Young Adult

Cover of Skraelings

In this adventurous novel - set in the ancient Arctic, but narrated for modern readers by an inquisitive and entertaining contemporary narrator - a young, wandering Inuit hunter named Kannujaq happens upon a camp in grave peril. The inhabitants of the camp are Tunit, a race of ancient Inuit ancestors known for their shyness and meekness. The tranquility of this Tunit camp has been shaken by a group of murderous, pale, bearded strangers who have arrived on a huge boat shaped like a loon.Unbeknown...

Cover of Pivut


Published 7 October 2009

Young Adult

Pivut, which means "it's ours" in Inuktitut, is a dynamic, multi-topic magazine for young adults that aims at sharing and celebrating Inuit cultural knowledge, in an engaging, contemporary format with vibrant illustrations and photographs.

Cover of Those Who Run in the Sky

Those Who Run in the Sky by Aviaq Johnston

Published 8 March 2017


This teen novel, written by Iqaluit-based Inuit author Aviaq Johnston, is a coming-of-age story that follows a young shaman named Pitu as he learns to use his powers and ultimately finds himself lost in the world of the spirits.After a strange and violent blizzard leaves Pitu stranded on the sea ice, without his dog team or any weapons to defend himself, he soon realizes that he is no longer in the word that he once knew. The storm has carried him into the world of the spirits, a world populated...

Cover of Boundary (the Books Of Eva)

Boundary (the Books Of Eva) by Heather Terrell

Published 1 January 2014

Young Adult

Cover of Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds by Katherine Kirkpatrick

Published 1 January 2014


In the 1890s, sixteen-year-old Eqariusaq, from the village of Itta near Ellesmere, is caught between traditional Inuit life with her lazy husband Angulluk and the world of Lieutenant Peary and his family and crew, who call her Billy Bah.

Cover of The War Blog

The War Blog by Glen Sobey

Published 20 December 2018

Young Adult

Cover of The Country of Wolves

The Country of Wolves

Published 6 May 2013

Young Adult

Now available in paperback! Based on the acclaimed animated film of the same name, this visually stunning graphic novel takes readers on a mysterious adventure with two brothers who are lost at sea. It begins as an average hunting trip for two young men. But when they find themselves adrift at sea, the only safe haven to be found for miles - a mysterious village filled with the sounds of drum dancing and revelry - turns out to be even more dangerous than the frigid ocean.

Cover of The White Darkness

The White Darkness by Geraldine McCaughrean

Published 1 September 2005

Young Adult

Captain Titus Oates, hero of the Antarctic, has been dead for nearly a century. But not in Sym's head. In there, he is her constant companion, her soul mate, her adviser. It is as if he walked out of the Polar blizzard and into her mind. In fact, if it were not for Titus, life might be as bleak a place as the Antarctic wilderness. When she is taken on a mystery expedition by her eccentric uncle Victor, Sym can't believe her luck. Destination Antarctica-the very place she's always wanted to visit...