Cover of Sexy Geek

Sexy Geek by Sexy Bloke

Published 8 July 2019


Cover of Spaces between Us

We are all caught up in one another, Scott Lauria Morgensen asserts, we who live in settler societies, and our interrelationships inform all that these societies touch. Native people live in relation to all non-Natives amid the ongoing power relations of settler colonialism, despite never losing inherent claims to sovereignty as indigenous peoples. Explaining how relational distinctions of "Native" and "settler" define the status of being "queer," Spaces between Us argues that modern queer subje...

Cover of Amazing Male Bodies

Amazing Male Bodies by Gay Mates Books

Published 3 March 2019


Cover of Gay Men and Feminist Women in the Fight for Equality

What did gay men do in women's liberation-and vice-versa? This book offers the first systematic investigation of the question. Conventional wisdom has offered varied and contradictory stories: Gay men were misogynistic enemies of feminism; feminist women were homophobic or androphobic; feminist women and gay men collaborated only during the 1960s-1970s liberation moment; lesbians rushed in to work with gay men during the AIDS crisis. Examined for the first time in this book, their stories are mu...

Cover of The New Lesbian Sex Book

The New Lesbian Sex Book by Wendy Caster

Published 6 March 2008


Cover of Queer Twin Cities

Queer Twin Cities

Published 1 January 2010


Cover of Arkansas and the Queer South

Arkansas and the Queer South by Brock Thompson

Published 1 January 2010


The Un-Natural State is a one-of-a-kind study of gay and lesbian life in Arkansas in the twentieth century, a deft weaving together of Arkansas history, dozens of oral histories, and Brock Thompson's own story. Thompson analyzes the meaning of rural drag shows, including a compelling description of a 1930s seasonal beauty pageant in Wilson, Arkansas, where white men in drag shared the stage with other white men in blackface, a suggestive mingling that went to the core of both racial transgressio...

Cover of Grace & Demion

Grace & Demion by Mel White

Published 12 December 2014


Cover of Sexual Identity Synthesis

How does religious identity inform a person's sexual identity and vice versa? Sexual Identity Synthesis: Attributions, Meaning-Making, and the Search for Congruence answers these questions in this groundbreaking study on the development and synthesis of sexual identity among Christians who experience same-sex attraction.

Cover of Kendra, Moon or Christine?

Kendra never knew her family, having been sent to a homeless shelter just a few weeks after her birth. What she currently knew, was that she now had to choose between the new girl from the bar, Angie, and her best friend, Megan. Little did she know that the choice was life and death, and not just to her...The past she remembered had taught her as to how to survive on the streets, but not prepare her for what would happen inside a house of people that kill for her. Not knowing who to trust, Kendr...

Cover of Zanele Muholi

Zanele Muholi by Zanele Muholi

Published 30 March 2006


In Faces and Phases 2006-14, Zanele Muholi embarks on a journey of "visual activism" to ensure black queer and transgender visibility. Despite South Africa's progressive Constitution and twenty years of democracy, black lesbians and trans men remain the targets of brutal hate crimes and so-called corrective rapes. Taken over the past eight years, the more than 250 portraits in this book, accompanied by moving testimonies, present a compelling statement about the lives and struggles of these indi...

Cover of The Duck Pond Incident

The Duck Pond Incident by Charlie Humphries

Published 14 October 2019


Cover of Handbook of LGBT Tourism and Hospitality - A Guide for Business Practice

To research this book, the authors traveled to six continents, interviewed nearly a hundred industry experts, and analyzed multiple emerging trends among LGBT travelers. The Handbook of LGBT Tourism and Hospitality is an easy-to-read, practical, and relevant guidebook with a simple goal: to help marketing professionals, business owners, and allied professionals compete in the increasingly competitive global LGBT travel and hospitality industry.

Cover of Wagadu Vol 16

Wagadu Vol 16 by Nikita Dhawan

Published 3 May 2017


Cover of Gender Variances and Sexual Diversity in the Caribbean

Gender Variances and Sexual Diversity in the Caribbean: Perspectives, Histories, Experiences is a collection of critical perspectives on fundamental questions of how sexual orientation and gender in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean are conceived, studied, discoursed and experienced. Bringing together and updating existing and in-progress scholarly work on minority genders and sexualities in the region, this collection seeks to provide a fresh set of lenses through which to examine the issues aff...