Cover of From the Inside

From the Inside by Terence H Winkless

Published 7 July 2020


Cover of Legend Of Korra: Art Of The Animated Series, The Book 3

Go behind the scenes of the third season of The Legend of Korra animated TV series--created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko--the smash hit sequel to their blockbuster show Avatar: The Last Airbender! Discover amazing never-before-seen artwork created during the development of The Legend of Korra: Book Three. Detailed captions throughout this impressive art book give you an in-depth, revealing tour of the creative process that went into creating this beloved series.

Cover of You Can, Too!

You Can, Too! by Whitney Geathers

Published 24 May 2018


Cover of We Bare Bears Ruled Notebook

We Bare Bears Ruled Notebook

Published 1 February 2018


Cover of Legend Of Korra: The Art Of The Animated Series Book 2

Go behind the scenes of the second season from the animated TV series The Legend of Korra--created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko--the smash hit sequel to their blockbuster show Avatar: The Last Airbender! This handsome hardcover gives you an in-depth look at the creative team behind the vibrant and richly detailed world of Korra. Discover never-before-seen artwork created during development of Book Two: Spirits. With detailed captions throughout, this is an intimate look insid...

Cover of Gumby Imagined

Gumby Imagined by Joe Clokey and Joan Clokey

Published 28 November 2017


Clay animated superstar Gumby has made an indelible impact on our culture and continues to enchant and entertain generations. Filmmaker Art Clokey's personal story is one of mystical adventure, tragedy, triumph, art, and most of all, love. This lavish career-spanning retrospective explores the legendary creator's life and complete works. All of his many creations, including Gumby and Davey & Goliath, are interwoven with a rich tapestry of rare photos and stories - the ingredients for a fascinati...

Cover of The Art of Regular Show

The Art of Regular Show by Shannon O'Leary

Published 15 September 2015


The Emmy Award-winning Regular Show, created by JG Quintel, is a jewel in the Cartoon Network crown with over 100 million viewers globally. The series follows the hilarious and surreal adventures of blue jay Mordecai and his best friend, Rigby the raccoon, as they make their days working at a local park anything but regular. Mordecai and Rigby are joined by their boss Benson, an explosively angry gumball machine, yeti groundskeeper Skips, loveable lollipop man Pops and other weird and wonderful...

Cover of Adventure Time 100 Project

The Hero Initiative Project, which helps fund struggling comic creators with medical bills and financial needs, gave blank Adventure Time cover variants to 100 popular comic artists to be illustrated and sold at auction. This represents the collection of the 100 cover variants.

Cover of It's Saturday Morning!

It's Saturday Morning! by Joe Garner and Michael Ashley

Published 25 October 2018


Cover of Kindness and Wonder

Kindness and Wonder by Gavin Edwards

Published 29 October 2019


A pop culture celebration of Fred Rogers and the enduring legacy of his beloved, award-winning PBS show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood that offers essential wisdom to help us in our troubled times. Won't you be my neighbor? For more than thirty years, Fred Rogers was a beloved fixture in American homes. Warm and welcoming, he spoke directly to children-and their parents-about the marvels of the world, the things that worried them, and above all, the importance of being themselves. Dressed in his c...

Cover of My Nationalist Pony

My Nationalist Pony by Buttercup Dew

Published 28 January 2019


Cover of Zippy and Me

Zippy and Me by Ronnie Le Drew, Duncan Barrett, and Nuala Calvi

Published 25 July 2019


Over the course of almost half a century, puppeteer Ronnie Le Drew has worked with the greats - from David Bowie in Labyrinth to Michael Caine in The Muppet Christmas Carol. But the role that defined his career was Rainbow's Zippy, who he operated for more than twenty years.Zippy and Me is the first time a Rainbow insider has told the true story of what went on under the counter and inside the suits: the petty squabbles between performers, wrangling with TV executives, and scandals such as the '...