Cover of Bookless In Baghdad

Bookless In Baghdad by Shashi Tharoor

Published 1 May 2008


Shashi Tharoor is once again at his provocative best. In the title essay, we learn the steep price paid by some Iraqis just to obtain a book; what does it mean when selling books, essentially selling culture, out of one's own library is the only way to put bread on the table? Later, Tharoor reminisces about growing up with books in India and the central position of classics like the Mahabharata in developing his own literary identity. The poignant homage to Chilean poet Pablo Neruda recalls his...

Cover of Tales of Futures Past

Tales of Futures Past by Paola Iovene

Published 9 July 2014


Most studies of Chinese literature conflate the category of the future with notions of progress and nation building, and with the utopian visions broadcast by the Maoist and post-Mao developmental state. The future is thus understood as a preconceived endpoint that is propagated, at times even imposed, by a center of power. By contrast, Tales of Futures Past introduces "anticipation"-the expectations that permeate life as it unfolds-as a lens through which to reexamine the textual, institutional...

Cover of The Zigzag Way

An anthology of international authors from the Pacific region, this book presents new work that includes over a dozen avant-garde poets from China, gathered by American poet and translator Artur Sze. Highlights include untranslated work by Ravindranath Tagore, and new fiction from Hong Kong.

Cover of Peking Man

Peking Man by Cao Yu

Published 28 April 1986


Cover of Hu Feng Zhuan

Hu Feng Zhuan by Tiji Ma

Published 31 December 1989


Cover of The Literary Thing

The Literary Thing by Rosinka Chaudhuri

Published December 2013


The nineteenth century in Bengal has been identified and then reviled as a period of renaissance or false renaissance. This study moves beyond those sterile parameters to provide a new understanding of the interactive, living, and cataclysmic nature of events. Analysing certain cultural turning points in the history of Bengali literature, it investigates the place of the aesthetic, the political, and the collective in the composition of a literary culture to show the relevance and significance o...

Cover of Fissures

Fissures (Chinese Writing Today)

Published 21 September 2000


Chinese Writing Today is an anthology of contemporary Chinese poetry, prose and essays taken from the literary journal Jintian (Today). Jintian has been the foremost voice of contemporary Chinese writing since its inception on "The Democracy Wall" in Beijing in 1978, and its subsequent reinvention in 1989. This is the third volume in the series and the first undertaken by a U.S. publisher. Authors include Bei Dao, Gao Er Tai, Yang Lian, and Zhu Wen-names that will only continue to grow in import...

Cover of The Laghukatha

The book presented here is the first work of Western literary criticism to examine the Hindi laghukatha - a modern Indian prose genre that has been published since the 1970s in Hindi newspapers and magazines and is characterised by its concise form (500 words on average) and socio-political agenda. The importance of the genre within the Hindi literary scene lies in the fact that the laghukatha is based on indigenous genres which have been modernised, whereas the Hindi short story and the novel a...

Cover of The Poetry of Living Japan.

This is an anthology of the best and most representative verse in translations that recreate the spirit of the originals. The selections range from the early pioneers in western-style poetry to the living poets.

Cover of Zen Questions

Zen Questions by Taigen Dan Leighton

Published 7 November 2011


Cover of Terrorism, Insurgency and Indian-English Literature, 1830-1947

In this ground-breaking interdisciplinary study of terrorism, insurgency and the literature of colonial India, Alex Tickell re-envisages the political aesthetics of empire. Organized around key crisis moments in the history of British colonial rule such as the 'Black Hole' of Calcutta, the anti-thug campaigns of the 1830s, the 1857 Rebellion, anti-colonial terrorism in Edwardian London and the Amritsar massacre in 1919, this timely book reveals how the terrorizing threat of violence mutually def...

Cover of Gay Tales of the Samurai

Gay Tales of the Samurai by Saikaku Ihara

Published 24 August 1995


Cover of A Basic DAO

A Basic DAO by Kujie Zhou

Published 1 May 2009