Cover of Warriors of Alavna

Warriors of Alavna by N. M. Browne

Published 2 May 2000


"Something happened to Dan then. Terror deserted him, as did all thought. He found his place of quiet and it was full of blood. The huge blade in his hand weighed nothing; it was an extension of his arm. Time ceased. His opponent's movements slowed. Dan attacked in a frenzy of violence." When Dan and Ursula become lost in a thick mist they have no idea that once they step out of the other side they will find themselves in an England of thousands of years ago and embroiled in a civil war between...

Cover of Divided Loyalties

Divided Loyalties by Phyllis Hall Haislip

Published 1 July 2005


As the Revolutionary War progresses, eleven-year-old Teddy, upset by the conflicts between his Patriot father and Loyalist mother, mistakenly joins the wrong unit of his local Williamsburg, Virginia, regiment and, as a member of the fife and drum corps, marches to South Carolina to participate in the Battle of Camden in August 1780.

Cover of Bloodlines

Bloodlines (Bloodlines) by M. Zachary Sherman

Published 1 January 2011


Cover of Please Somebody Tell Me Who I Am

Please Somebody Tell Me Who I Am by Harry Mazer and Peter Lerangis

Published 7 February 2012

Young Adult

A soldier returns home from Iraq forever changed in this poignant and pivotal novel from award-winning authors-one a veteran. Ben lives a charmed life-effortlessly landing the lead in the high school musical, dating the prettiest girl in school. When he decides to enlist in the army, no one thinks he'll be in real danger. But his decision has devastating consequences: His convoy gets caught in an explosion, and Ben ends up in a coma for two months. When he wakes up, he doesn't know where he is-...

Cover of Those Who Dare To Dream

Those Who Dare To Dream by Leif Gregersen

Published 18 April 2015


Cover of Mirage

Mirage (Above World, #2) by Reese Jenn

Published 1 March 2013


A thrilling sequel from an exciting voice in middle-grade sci-fi tracks two ocean-born children braving the dangers of the Above World. The desert is no place for ocean-dwelling Kampii like Aluna and Hoku, especially now that Aluna has secretly started growing her tail. But the maniacal Karl Strand is out to conquer the Above World, and the horselike Equians are next on his list. Aluna, Hoku, and their friends — winged Calli and Equian exile Dash — race to the desert city of Mirage, intent on w...

Cover of Daisy Chain Dream

Daisy Chain Dream by Joan O'Neill

Published 13 February 2003


In this, the the third part in the compelling Daisy Chain trilogy we see love blossom for our heroine, Lizzie Doyle, as she prepares to marry her childhood sweetheart, Pete Scanlon. For the younger generation, too, the past is never far behind; young Biddy Plunkett finds that a chance encounter with old flame, Anthony Quinn, changes her life for ever. And though John Doyle's long-lost father, Paul, is finally home with his wife and son, the trauma he has suffered since the war proves a bigger ba...

Cover of Frontier Wolf

'We are the scum and the scrapings of the Empire. They tipped out the garbage-bin of the Eagles to make us what we are.' In disgrace after a mistake that cost the lives of half his men, Alexios arrives in Castellum. It's his first command, but it isn't really a promotion. The Frontier Wolves who man this outpost in the far north of Roman Britain are a fierce and savage bunch, a far cry from the regular legions he'd served in before. Alexios will only survive if he learns to understand them and...

Cover of The Little White Bear

The Little White Bear by Enid Marx

Published 15 May 2017


Originally written and illustrated by Enid Marx in 1945, The Little White Bear tells the tale of Ivan, the friendly polar bear, and his exciting adventures in the snow. After accidentally jumping on a boat of stranded wartime sailors Ivan makes some unlikely friendships, becoming their lucky charm in the search to get the sailors home safely. Along the way Ivan sneaks into an igloo, rescues his new friend Marcus from a great whale, helps hunt for seals and fish until finally a plane saves the da...

Cover of The Rabbit Girl

The Rabbit Girl by Mary Arrigan

Published 1 January 2011


What is the secret of Mallie's picture? The mystery unfolds as evacuees Tony and Alice escape the terrors of London's Blitz for the Lake District, where they befriend a fascinating and fearless old lady. Many years later, an after-school job in a pet shop enables well-meaning Mallie to buy her mum a drawing of a girl with a rabbit. Could this old picture bring past and present together - and change Mallie's life?

Cover of Then

In early 1940s Poland, ten-year-old Felix and his friend Zelda escape from a cattle car headed to the Nazi death camps and struggle to survive, first on their own and then with Genia, a farmer with her own reasons for hating Germans.

Cover of Spanky

Spanky by S L Laneve

Published 17 December 2012


Cover of Light Horse Boy

Light Horse Boy by Dianne Wolfer

Published 14 March 2013


Cover of Peter Raven Under Fire

Peter Raven Under Fire by Michael Molloy

Published 2 May 2005


1800 Peter Raven is the new officer on board HMS Torren, a Royal Navy ship battling with the French, led by general Napoleon Bonaparte. From the outset, the thirteen-year old, finds himself bound to Commodore Beaurnont, an intrepid British spy. When unexpected events at sea, plunge the pair into a dangerous intrigue on shore, they discover an extraordinary plot by France, to create a new empire by taking of the recently formed, United States...Soon it's a race against time to the pirate-filled w...

Cover of Coming Home

Coming Home by Greg Ruth

Published 4 November 2014


Follows the emotions of a young boy as he waits at an airport for a family member to return home from serving in the military.

Cover of Billy's Blitz

Billy's Blitz by Barbara Mitchelhill

Published 3 July 2014


Winner of the Young Quills Prize for Historical Fiction. When War breaks out, Billy's dad joins the army and most of his friends are evacuated from Balham, South London. But Billy's mum doesn't believe the bombs will ever fall on them and she refuses to send him and his sister Rose away. Life in Balham has certainly changed for Billy: no school, no friends and, because of rationing, no treats. But by September 1940, things are about to get a lot worse. Hitler has a plan for the destruction of...