Cover of Bunnicula

THIS book is written by Harold. His full time occupation is dog. He lives with Mr. and Mrs. X (here called Monroe) and their sons Toby and Pete. Also sharing the home are a cat named Chester and a rabbit named Bunnicula. It is because of Bunnicula that Harold turned to writing. Someone had to tell the full story of what happened in the Monroe household after the rabbit arrived. It all began when the Monroes went to see the movie Dracula At the theater Toby found something on his seatNa baby rab...

Cover of Parrot Pandemonium

"When animal lover Max sets up a pet-sitting business, he finds himself looking after some very unusual pets. Captain Bloom has asked Max to take care of his parrot, Squawk, on the Leaky Dip pirate ship. But when Squawk's gangplank trick goes wrong, scary rival pirate Becky Bones comes after them--and it's up to Max to save the day!"--Page 4 of cover.

Cover of Oscar the Hungry Unicorn Board Book

A hilariously funny tale of friendship, belonging and LOTS OF EATING from the bestselling author of There Is No Dragon in This Story. Perfect for fans of Oi Frog.Oscar the Unicorn has eaten his stable so he needs to find somewhere else to live. Not easy if you're a unicorn who eats everything in sight ... No one wants him around: not the pirates or the fairies or the dragons. Will Oscar ever find a place to call home? Well, it just so happens that Princess Oola has been searching for a unicorn F...

Cover of Star in the Forest

Star in the Forest by Laura Resau

Published 9 March 2010


Zitlally's family is undocumented, and her father has just been arrested for speeding and deported back to Mexico. As her family waits for him to return—they’ve paid a coyote to guide him back across the border—they receive news that he and the coyote’s other charges have been kidnapped and are being held for ransom. Meanwhile, Zitlally and a new friend find a dog in the forest near their trailer park. They name it Star for the star-shaped patch over its eye. As time goes on, Zitlally starts to...

Cover of Anna Fluffyfoot Goes for Gold

An enchanting series full of adorable animals, magic and friendship - from the creator of RAINBOW MAGIC, the UK's bestselling series for girls aged 5-7.In the magical land of Friendship Forest, the animals are getting ready for a sports day! But wicked Grizelda wants to spoil everyone's fun. Can best friends Lily and Jess help super-cute kitten Anna Fluffyfoot stop the witch's horrible plans, before the special day is ruined?

Cover of McTavish Goes Wild

It's summer and the Peachey family is in crisis - again. Youngest child Betty Peachey is trying to persuade the family to go to the Faraway Campsite of Ma Peachey's idyllic dreams. But most of the Peacheys are still resisting. Pa Peachey is convinced that terrible dangers lurk in the `wild', Ollie only cares about whether there's a `disco', and Ava has her nose deep in philosophy books...But marvellous McTavish, always one step ahead of the Peacheys, quietly works out a way to get the family enj...

Cover of In My Backyard

In My Backyard by Cicely Edwards

Published 6 February 2020


Cover of Kirby's Derby

Kirby's Derby by George White

Published 1 January 2009


Cover of #3 Mud Puddle Poodle

An exciting new series about those adorable pets that just won't behave -- it's Marley & Me for middle-grade readers! Rosie loves everything to be pretty and organized, so when she's finally allowed to get her own dog, she chooses an adorable, precious little poodle. But when it turns out her princess would rather get messy than sit on a fancy pillow, will Rosie be able to handle the mischievous pup?

Cover of Frank and Laverne

Frank and Laverne

Published 1 August 2016


Cover of Buying, Training & Caring for Your Dinosaur

Includes instructions for choosing and caring for a pet dinosaur.

Cover of The Little Grey Cloud

The Little Grey Cloud by Jill Carr

Published 20 January 2021


Cover of The Slow Must Goon

The Slow Must Goon by Patternfeed Sloth

Published 13 November 2019