Cover of Ghetto Girls 6

Ghetto Girls 6 by Anthony Whyte

Published 1 January 2013


GHETTO GIRLS 6 is a compelling finale to the exciting Ghetto Girls Series. Two teen girls are drawn together and after sharing similar experiences, they become even closer. The mountain of tragedies that they have faced in their lives still threatens to push them over the cliff. Even when they feel they've moved along, In Ghetto Girls 6 demons from BACK IN THE DAYS continue to haunt. Coco and Deedee come face to face with the violence and issues of the past. GHETTO GIRLS 6, Rachel Harvey's drug...

Cover of An Heiress & Her Savage

An Heiress & Her Savage by Simone

Published 20 June 2019


Cover of The Bitch Is Back

The Bitch Is Back (Bitch) by Deja King

Published 1 April 2008


In The Bitch Is Back, Precious is relishing in every hood queen's dream life. She has her king, Supreme, and her princess, their daughter Aaliyah. With an estate in Beverly Hills, a fleet of luxurious cars and endless cash flow, the drama Precious experienced in the gritty streets of New York is a distant memory -- or so she thought. Without warning, Precious worst nightmare becomes a reality. Pretty Boy Mike, the man who brutally raped Precious and who plotted to have her husband Supreme killed...

Cover of My Husband's Cousin-The Finale

My Husband's Cousin-The Finale by Slynn

Published 1 March 2016


Cover of What He Wanted

What He Wanted by Jada Pearl

Published 24 November 2017


Cover of A Savage Calloway Christmas

A Savage Calloway Christmas by Kl Hall

Published 20 December 2018


Cover of Maine & MIA 3

Maine & MIA 3 by Joi Miner

Published 1 March 2019


Cover of It's a Thin Line

It's a Thin Line by Kimberla Lawson Roby

Published 2 August 2001


In this captivating classic, New York Times bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby tells the powerful tale of three very different siblings who discover that family is the only thing that truly matters. Sydney, Gina, and Rick have always shared a special sibling bond, yet their lives are as different as can be. The eldest, Sydney, has a loving, handsome husband and an adorable daughter. But the demands of her writing career leave little time for family. Meanwhile, middle sister Gina is strugg...

Cover of Save Her for Me

Save Her for Me by Bree

Published 13 July 2016


Cover of Whites Lines III

Whites Lines III by Tracy Brown

Published 17 November 2015


Cover of Cyntavia & Tyrone

Cyntavia & Tyrone by D M Ellis

Published 25 June 2019


Cover of In His Corner

In His Corner by Alexandra Warren

Published 2 November 2017


Cover of Pursued By A Street King

Pursued By A Street King by Tnesha Sims

Published 11 August 2019


Cover of Finding Love with a Thug

Finding Love with a Thug by Lakeisha

Published 24 March 2019