Cover of The Serpent Sword

'HISTORICAL FICTION DOESN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS' ANGUS DONALD AD 633 Beobrand is a young man with a shadowy past. As an outsider in the kingdom of Bernicia, he is compelled to join his brother, Octa, as a warrior in the household of King Edwin. He must learn to fight with sword and shield to defend the war-ravaged kingdoms of Northumbria. In a period of great upheaval for Dark Age Britain, all he finds is death and war. Men and women strive to seize control of their destinies in a time...

Cover of Edge of the Grave

Shortlisted for The Bloody Scotland Debut of the Year 2021Longlisted for the McIlvanney Prize for Scottish Crime Book of the Year 2021'A mesmerizing debut. Early gangland Glasgow with the gloss razored off' PETER JAMES'A magnificent and enthralling portrait of a dark and dangerous city . . . Chilling and brutal, but also deeply moving and, most importantly, beautifully written' MARK BILLINGHAM'Peaky Blinders meets William McIlvanney in this rollocking riveting read' ADRIAN MCKINTY, bestselling a...

Cover of The Lazarus Curse

Master Conjuror Cornelius Quaint returns in a thrilling and irresistible new adventure. Directly on the heels of his Egyptian adventures in The Eleventh Plague, Cornelius Quaint finds himself drawn into another gripping and treacherous plot. This time, Quaint must intercept Cho-Zen Li's scheme to assassinate the Queen and unleash a devastating plague on Victorian England. Before long he is enlisted by the Queen herself to hunt Li down and put an end to his cruel reign over the Yahn Pro...

Cover of Under the Eagle

Under the Eagle (Eagle, #1) by Simon Scarrow

Published 5 October 2001


T is the year A.D. 42, and Centurion Macro, battle-scarred and fearless, is in the heart of Germany with the Second Legion, the toughest in the Roman army. Cato, a new recruit and the newly appointed second-in-command to Macro, will have more to prove than most. In a bloody skirmish with local trives, Cato gets his first chance to prove that he's more than a callow, privileged youth. As their next campaign takes them to a land of unparalleled barbarity--Britain--a special mission unfolds, thrust...

Cover of Zaharoff Conspiracy

Zaharoff Conspiracy by Toby Purser

Published 27 March 2014


When a bundle of documents and news clippings is thrust into the hands of Septimus Oates by a mysterious stranger as he lies dying in a quiet Oxford street, the unsuspecting historian is jettisoned headlong into a web of deceit, betrayal, revenge and long hidden secrets. Petrified and confused, Oates takes refuge in the only place he can think of: Winchester. There he and his trusted friend Quayle, begin to piece together the jumble of documents and newspaper cuttings and stumble upon a secret w...

Cover of The Dutch Wife

The Dutch Wife by Ellen Keith

Published 1 May 2018


Cover of La hermandad de la sabana santa / The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud

Una intriga en torno a la Sábana Santa: un recorrido histórico desde la actualidad hasta la época de Jesucristo. Un incendio en la catedral de Turín, donde se venera la Sábana Santa, y la muerte en él de un hombre al que habían cortado la lengua, son los detonantes de una trepidante investigación policial del Departamento del Arte, capitaneado por el detective Marco Valoni. Junto a la perspicaz y atractiva historiadora Sofia Galloni y una periodista ávida de preguntas, el grupo de Valoni deberá...

Cover of The Maze

The ultimate murder mystery - can you find the murderer before the detective? Maxwell Brunton was found dead in his study - murdered beyond doubt. There were ten people in the house on the night of the murder, and at least seven of them had an adequate motive for murdering him. But Anthony Gethryn has only the evidence given at the Coroner's inquest to work with. In other words YOU, the reader, and HE, the detective, are upon equal footing. HE solves the mystery. Can YOU? The...

Cover of A Million Drops

A Million Drops by Victor Del Arbol

Published 15 May 2018


Named a Best Book of the Year by The Washington Post, The Seattle Times, and Crime Reads An intense literary thriller that tears through the interlocked histories of fascism and communism in Europe without pausing for breath.   Gonzalo Gil is a disaffected lawyer stuck in a failed career and a strained marriage, dodging the never-ending manipulation of his powerful father-in-law. The fragile balance of Gonzalo’s life as a father and husband is pushed to the limit when he learns, after years wit...

Cover of Escape the Hangman

Escape the Hangman by Craig Godfrey

Published 5 September 2015


Cover of Waters of Destiny

Waters of Destiny by Ian Watson and Andy West

Published 19 March 2019


Cover of Yongala

Yongala by Guy Lane

Published 6 June 2016


Cover of The Scribe

The Scribe by Antonio Garrido

Published 17 December 2013


Cover of The Family Hightower

The Family Hightower by Brian Francis Slattery

Published 25 August 2014


*** Named a Kirkus Reviews Starred Title in Their 10/01/14 Issue *** In 1968 two boys are born into a large family, both named for their grandfather, Peter Henry Hightower. One boy—Peter—grows up in Africa and ends up a journalist in Granada. The other—Petey—becomes a minor criminal, first in Cleveland and then in Kiev. In 1995, Petey runs afoul of his associates and disappears. But the criminals, bent on revenge, track down the wrong cousin, and the Peter in Granada finds himself on the run. H...

Cover of The Changeling Murders

Abduction. Murder. A conspiracy that could bring down the King. London, 1667: In the wake of the Great Fire, a new city has emerged from the flames. The King has reopened the capital’s theatres, and the royal court is hell-bent on debauched entertainment. But amid the raucous festivities, an actress shows up dead, dressed in the clothes of a missing girl. It’s a time of great change for thief taker Charlie Tuesday too: his old flame, Maria, is on the cusp of marrying someone else. But when she...