Cover of &#11

&#11 (&#1, #5) by

Published 27 January 2017


Cover of Seraph Chronicles

Seraph Chronicles by Ethan Riley James

Published 31 January 2019


Cover of Empty Space

Empty Space by Alan Black

Published 16 February 2015


Cover of Green Mars

The storming second volume in the bestselling Mars trilogy - `the ultimate in future history' (Daily Mail) Mars: the Green Planet. Man's dream of a new world is underway but corrupted. Red Mars is gone, ripped apart by the violent and failed revolution of 2062. The First Hundred have scattered or died, and for the moment their dreams with them. The rebels are underground, dreaming of their utopia. The transnational corporations have a dream, too. Mars can be plundered - for t...

Cover of To The Shores

To The Shores by Christopher G Nuttall

Published 22 January 2017


Cover of Blood Ravens

Omnibus edition of the three "Dawn of War" novels, which tie in to the best-selling THQ computer game.

Cover of Blueblood

Blueblood by Jim Harmon

Published 25 March 2016


There were two varieties of aliens-blue and bluer-but not as blue as the Earthmen!

Cover of Last Light

Last Light (Halo, #16) by Troy Denning

Published 15 September 2015


Cover of Atlantis Gate

Atlantis Gate by Bob Mayer

Published 20 November 2010


Cover of The Corporation Wars

The Corporation Wars by Ken MacLeod

Published 10 May 2016


Cover of Star Trek Next Generation

The Star Trek saga continues in this newest action-packed thriller.

Cover of Guerilla

Guerilla (Makaum War, #2) by Mel Odom

Published 24 August 2015


The second installment of the Markaum War series by Mel Odom takes these military sci-fi books to the next level, perfect for readers of Jay Allan's Crimson Worlds novels. He's behind enemy lines. But those lines are shifting beneath his feet. In the jungles of Makaum, the Terran military is locked in a critical standoff over the planet's resources with the hostile Phrenorians, even as both species maintain uneasy relations with the locals. Tensions could ignite at a moment's notice. And Maste...

Cover of Curai'Nal

Curai'Nal by Kris Katzen

Published 25 November 2012


Cover of The Dark Wing

The Dark Wing by Walter H Hunt

Published 14 December 2001


In the future, man will take to the stars and in doing so place himself in jeopardy. The zor is just one of the races that man encounters, and from the first meting, it's been war. When the zor decide to mount a surprise attack on Earth colonies outside their sphere of influence, the normally self-occupied governing body of Earth realises that something must be done.