Cover of Cat Zero

Cat Zero by Jennifer Rohn

Published 5 June 2018


Cover of The Crimson Program

The Crimson Program by A C Bonner

Published 30 December 2011


Cover of Regeneration

With the alien Dhryn cutting a pathway through the inhabited spaceways-bringing about the annihilation of many of the races who have the misfortune to lie along the star trail they are following-time is running out for all sentient life-forms. Can biologists Mackenzie Connor and Emily Mamami solve the riddle of the Dhryn before their part of the galaxy becomes as dead as the mysterious region known as the Chasm?

Cover of Mind Web

Mind Web (Mensch++, #3) by Dima Zales and Anna Zaires

Published 26 November 2018


Cover of Green Mars

The storming second volume in the bestselling Mars trilogy - `the ultimate in future history' (Daily Mail) Mars: the Green Planet. Man's dream of a new world is underway but corrupted. Red Mars is gone, ripped apart by the violent and failed revolution of 2062. The First Hundred have scattered or died, and for the moment their dreams with them. The rebels are underground, dreaming of their utopia. The transnational corporations have a dream, too. Mars can be plundered - for t...

Cover of Sudoku

Sudoku by Ted Kesler Publishing

Published 29 June 2020


Cover of Twisted Light

Twisted Light by K a Patterson

Published 16 October 2020


Cover of Lifeline

Lifeline by Christopher Keith

Published 11 December 2017


Cover of Remnants

Remnants by Lilliana Annette Deeters

Published 1 September 2011


Cover of Caveman's Montage

Caveman's Montage by Amina Zoe

Published 18 September 2017


Cover of Pepper's Ghost

Pepper's Ghost by Mark R Anderson

Published 14 July 2015


Cover of At Swords' Point

At Swords' Point by Andre Norton

Published 1 August 2012


Cover of L'Autore

L'Autore by Michele Montedoro

Published 28 March 2019


La profezia di Stephen Hawking si e avverata.A meno di un millennio dalla morte dello scienziato l'umanita e quasi giunta alla sua fine: il mondo e devastato dall'oppressione politica dei regimi totalitari e dalla mancanza di risorse. Inoltre, le moderne tecnologie, nonostante siano molto sviluppate, risultano poco diffuse.In particolare, nell'Impero scandinavo, un biologo svedese ed una scienziata russa si ritrovano coinvolti in una feroce sollevazione.L'obiettivo di quest'ultima e il rovesciam...

Cover of Leaving Blue 5.1 Part 2

Leaving Blue 5.1 Part 2 by Thadd Evans

Published 21 October 2014


Cover of Notes from Hard Drive

Notes from Hard Drive by Mark Jordan

Published 19 August 2003


Cover of Challenger Park

Challenger Park by Stephen Harrigan

Published 1 January 2006


“Compelling and moving…[At the story’s heart] is the mystery of love and the relationship that exists between husband and wife, parent and child.” -- San Francisco Chronicle “[Lucy Kincheloe] is a smart, ambitious woman torn between her career and her family…struggling to figure out what matters to her most.” -- The Washington Post Book World “A fine, absorbing achievement…a stately novel whose emotional precision is matched by the exactitude of its prose.” -- The New York Times Book Revie...