Cover of Island of the Flies

Island of the Flies by Guido Vrolix

Published 14 October 2017


Cover of Deltora Quest #2

Deltora Quest #2 (Deltora Quest, #2) by Emily Rodda

Published 20 September 2011


THE QUEST FOR THE GEMS BEGINS!   Lief is a cheeky sixteen-year-old ruffian in the fallen wasteland of the city of Del, once home to the great Kingdom of Deltora. Sixteen years ago, his father, Jarred, pledged an oath to the true King of Deltora to return the seven gems and restore peace to the land. Unable to complete the quest himself, he has striven for years to prepare his son for the journey of a lifetime.   Now, to break the oppressive rule of the Shadow King and his Grey Guards, Lief...

Cover of Clive Barker's Great And Secret Show Deluxe Edition

The master of horror's epic tale, adapted into a twelve-issue comic series and collected here in its entirety in a new deluxe paperback edition. From inside a Nebraska dead letter office, Randolph Jaffe's quest to possess the Art sets into motion a battle between forces light and dark. This lushly illustrated tale is equal parts horror, fantasy, and love by one of the masters of the genre. Also included is the one issue adaptation of the short story "Seduth," as well as annotations by writer C...

Cover of Blank Manga Book

Blank Manga Book by Shelia Pope

Published 2 December 2019


Cover of The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia

Published 11 August 2016


LAPD investigators Bucky Bleichart and Lee Blanchard find themselves enthralled with the mysterious and brutal murder of a beautiful young woman, Elizabeth Short. Their obsession takes a dark turn as they delve into the underbelly of Hollywood and the heart of the dead woman's tortured and twisted past. It is a case that will test their mettle and their sanity.

Cover of Tom Sawyer

A simplified retelling of the classic story of the mischievous 19th-century boy in a Mississippi River town and his friends, Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher, as they run away from home, witness a murder, and find treasure in a cave.

Cover of The Hero Book One

The Hero Book One by David Rubin

Published 7 July 2015


"Welcome David Rubín to the table. He is a big talent and the real deal. The Hero is a strong statement of intent.”—Paul Pope (creator of Battling Boy) In ancient Greece the first superhero was born. Heracles, the son of Zeus, came into the world with strength, charm, and a fighting spirit. Groundbreaking storyteller David Rubín (Illustrator on Paul Pope's The Rise of Aurora West) reexamines the life of the world's greatest champion in The Hero, chronicling Heracles's incredible adventures, f...

Cover of Mortal Kombat X Vol. 3

Mortal Kombat X Vol. 3 by Shawn Kittelsen

Published 15 April 2016


Prepare yourself for the brutal adventures of all your favorite Mortal Kombat characters and witness the rise of the next generation of Kombatants in this prequel series set before the events of Mortal Kombat X the video game! In this volume, Scorpion and Takeda's search for Sub-Zero leads them to find an entire city that's been frozen solid! Meanwhile, Sonya and Johnny's quest to rescue their daughter is interrupted by the Outworld Civil War--and a Shokan uprising led by Kintaro! Collects issue...

Cover of The Pendragon Chronicles

The Pendragon Chronicles by Joey Ruff

Published 31 August 2020


Cover of Deltora Quest #4

DARE YOU ENTER THE LAKE OF TEARS? Will Lief, Barda, and Jasmine be able to defeat the evil sorceress Thaegan and her 13 monster children? The adventures and misadventures of our heroic trio continue as they try to find the seven missing gems of Deltora, braving dangers and guardians every step of the way! Includes special extras after the story!

Cover of A Game of You

A Game of You (The Sandman, #5) by Neil Gaiman

Published 1 September 1993


Take an apartment house, mix in a drag queen, a lesbian couple, some talking animals, a talking severed head, a confused heroine, and the deadly Cuckoo. Stir vigorously with a hurricane and Morpheus himself and you get this fifth installment of the Sandman series. This story stars Barbie, who first makes an appearance in The Doll's House, who here finds herself a princess in a vivid dreamworld. Collecting The Sandman #32–37

Cover of Sleeping Beauties, Volume 1

Sleeping Beauties, Volume 1 by Stephen King

Published 9 March 2021


This official graphic novel adaptation of the horror novel by Stephen King and Owen King is a haunting interpretation of the chilling, timely bestseller. A bizarre sleeping sickness, called Aurora, has fallen over the world. Its victims can't wake up. And all of them are women. As nations fall into chaos, those women still awake take desperate measures to stay that way, and men everywhere begin to give in to their darkest impulses. Meanwhile, in the small town of Dooling, a mysterious woman ha...

Cover of Grimms Manga Tales

Grimms Manga Tales by Kei Ishiyama

Published 28 November 2017


In this classic manga version of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, Kei Ishiyama puts her own creative spin on these beloved stories. Featuring Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, The Two Brothers, The Twelve Hunters, Snow White, The Frog King, Puss in Boots, and The Singing Springing Larck, this fantasy manga retells these timeless tales,,,, but with a twist of originality!

Cover of The Jewel of Seven Stars

An Egyptologist, attempting to raise from the dead the mummy of Tera, an ancient Egyptian queen, finds a fabulous gem and is stricken senseless by an unknown force. Amid bloody and eerie scenes, his daughter is possessed by Tera's soul, and her fate depends upon bringing Tera's mummified body to life.